Ebook Promotion: How To Blog Your Novel

Ebook Promotion: How To Blog Your Novel

We’ve been talking about ebook promotion this week. It’s a popular topic, and I’ve had questions.

Several readers asked about how to blog your novel. Another reader put his current novel on the backburner for now, and doesn’t know how to tell his blog readers that he’s started a new novel.

Let’s look at blog topics for novelists first.

You’re using a blog to promote your novels: what can you write about?

The short answer: anything you like. :-) The only proviso is — try not to give spoilers.

A lot depends on your genre. Some genres lend themselves easily to blog promotions.

Historical and historical romance novelists have it easy. They can share fascinating info from their research on their blogs. Two Nerdy History Girls do it well.

English novelist Kate Mosse blogged her novel Labyrinth; here’s one of her posts from 2003. She shows that blogging your novels works. I read her blog at the time, and bought Labyrinth when it was released. The novel became a huge bestseller. In 2003, there weren’t as many novelists blogging as there are today. I’m sure that Kate’s blog helped Labyrinth’s success.

Julian Stockwin writes wonderful historical novels set in the Georgian period, the Thomas Kydd series. I’ve been receiving his monthly newsletter for years. I just checked, and sure enough, he has a blog, which covers his research travels, the background to his books, and much more.

Suspense novelist Alexandra Sokoloff blogs about writing and her books.

To repeat: you can blog about anything you like. It’s your blog. Blog about your family, your hobbies — whatever. Just remember to mention what you’re working on, and when your next novel will be released.

(Get readers to sign up to your mailing list, too.)

Everyone’s different. Follow your intuition. Blog about whatever is fun for you to talk about.

You’re blogging your novel: how do you tell readers you’re setting that novel aside for now?

You don’t need to tell readers anything. Just start blogging about your new novel.

Important tip: stay positive. Some authors blog about their writing challenges. It’s a mistake. We’ve all got problems. Your blog’s a promotional tool. No one needs to know that you’re sick of your characters and want to kick them off a tall cliff. If you’re sick of your current novel, and are starting a new one, just start blogging about your new novel.

Just start blogging: you’ll find stuff to talk about, I promise

You’re writing a novel. That’s exciting. Get your blog’s readers excited about your novel, and you’ll have readers who are eager to buy it on the day you upload it to Amazon.

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Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

I’m helping a couple of small business owners to get into the spirit of blogging. My top tip: make it easy on yourself to create and promote content. No one expects you to write 900-word blog posts every day. That’s exhausting. Create a mix of content, which works for you and for your audience.

We’ve discussed creating goals for your blog before, so if you haven’t done that already, please do that first. Your blog needs to have a goal. Your goals will change over time.

Have you created a goal? Excellent. Review your blog’s goals regularly. (I’m working with J.D. Meier’s 30 Days of Getting Results, which has a superb strategy for working  with your goals. I’ll be writing about it soon.)

OK, with your goals firmly in mind, let’s look at three silly-simple ways to get more value from your blogging.

Tip 1. Highlight your best content: keep it alive.

Have you created a truly useful blog post you know will help your readers? If you have, it’s your responsibility to get it in front of them, in any way you can.

If you haven’t created a mailing list yet, do that right now. Encourage your blog visitors to subscribe to your list. If you connect your list to your blog, your subscribers will be updated each time you post.

Once a week, or once every couple of weeks, send a brief “you might have missed” mailing, highlighting your best content.

Tip 2. Promote your best content: it’s worth it.

Yes, promote your content on social media. However, promote beyond too. Consider promoting your blog posts to people who wouldn’t otherwise see your content. Turn your blog post into a report, and give it away for free.

Consider promoting your report with a press release.

Tip 3. Energize your content: update it.

Your blog’s posts appear chronologically, and soon disappear off your blog’s home page. Out of sight can mean out of mind, if you allow it.

Energize your blog’s content by updating it regularly. Add “Update my blog!” to your calendar program. Then, once a week, or once a month, update a blog post or two. It’s amazing how easily your content can become slightly out of date.

You and your business are changing too. Update older content to bring it to life, and make it work for your business. Don’t forget to promote your updated content.

So, there you have it. Three ways to highlight, promote and energize your content.

Your next step: create a plan

Brainstorm ways you can use these tips. Then create some tasks, and add those tasks to your calendar. Your blog – and your readers – will thank you.


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Business Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week 2: How Many Posts?

Business Blogging in 60 Minutes

We started our new series, Business Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week yesterday, and said:

“Can you afford to spend 60 minutes a week on blogging? Although a mere 60 minutes over the course of a week may not sound like much, if you can spare that time, you can develop a blog which will help you to meet your business’s goals.”

If you’ve committed to 60 minutes of blogging a week, your next step is to decide on content for your new business blog. That is, how many posts will you create, and how often will you post them to your blog?

Usually when I mention blog posts to a client, he thinks in terms of articles. That’s fine. However, if you’ve only got 60 minutes a week, you don’t need to spend that time writing just one article — or half an article, if you’re a slow writer.

You can do better than that. ;-)

On my freelance writing blog, I talked about “5 minute a day blogging”, referring to Tumblr:

If you’re familiar with Tumblr, you know that you have a choice of seven blog post formats: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video…

These formats mean that you have the option to create long blog posts, or you can make them very short. For our purposes, most of your blog posts will be short. How long does it take to post a photo? Half a minute, perhaps?

The Tumblr platform is brilliant if you want an “instant” blog. Many businesses are using it successfully, because with Tumblr, you can just click a “Share Tumblr” button on your Web browser’s toolbar to create a new blog post.

Here’s a list of 60 brands which are using Tumblr, and Bergdorf Goodman’s Tumblr blog:

Bergdorf Goodman on Tumblr

WordPress.com has taken a leaf out of Tumblr’s book so to speak, and also encourages you to create very short posts, as you can see in the image of WordPress.com’s “New Post” selection dialogue box below.

Post formats on WordPress

Choose blog post formats, and decide how many posts you’ll create each week

Think in terms of SHORT blog posts. As we’ve said, image marketing is now huge. When you focus on short blog posts, and images, this will not only make your blogging tasks easier, it will ensure that you don’t go over your allotted 60 minutes a week.

Each week, you could post:

* Two images (one post per image, then repost the images to Pinterest);

* One short 250 word article; and

* One quote.

Decide how many posts you’ll create each week, and the kinds of posts now. Tomorrow we’ll talk about outlining your posts, and collecting resources.

photo credit: Graphic Dix via photopin cc

Business Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week 1: Prepare

Blog Your Business

Here’s a common complaint I hear from my clients: “We don’t have the time/ staff to blog!”

Can you afford to spend 60 minutes a week on blogging? Although a mere 60 minutes over the course of a week may not sound like much, if you can spare that time, you can develop a blog which will help you to meet your business’s goals.

Start by working out how you’ll promote your blog

Sadly, blogs tend to be developed in isolation. This leads to blog orphans: a blog which hasn’t been updated in months, and isn’t linked to from any of the company website’s highly-trafficked pages.

Think long-term. Your blog is an asset.

As an asset, it needs nurturing. So, before you begin developing content plans, or assigning staff to blog, consider how you’ll promote your blog.

How will you integrate your blog with the rest of your site? The more you can integrate your blog with the rest of your marketing activities, the better.

Asking “how will we promote our blog?” brings up lots of other questions. To whom will you promote? How often? Can you create videos which you can add to popular sites like YouTube? Can you create partnerships using your content?

The best way you can prepare to develop a popular blog is to think about your blog as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Need inspiration? Here’s a slide deck I created to help your blog to work harder for you.

Angela Booth is an Australian copywriter, Web writer and content strategist. Want your website to do more for your business? Contact Angela via email to set up a chat. She loves to talk about business and the Web.