Online Image Editing Gets Gorgeous: Canva Now Has Filters

Canva filters
Canva now has filters

It’s no secret that I adore Canva. This online image editing app allows anyone to edit images and create designs: no design talent necessary. The program’s very easy to use, and you can create images for both the Web and for print.

Canva’s just been updated with filters:

Whether you are looking for a stunning photo filter, wanting to get a little more advanced or create your own branded filter — we hope our new photo filters cater to your needs.

Sick of Stock Image Libraries? You Can Buy Just What You Need in Canva

Stock image websites can be expensive. The least expensive way of sourcing images is to buy a subscription. Inevitably, with subscriptions you end up with lots of images for which you have no real use; they clutter up your hard drive.

Canva solves that problem. You buy just what you need – or buy nothing. Many of Canva’s design elements are completely free. If you buy an element: an image, or a graphic for your design, each one costs you just a dollar. Canva has over a million images, and lots of fonts, so you can create just about anything. BTW, I should emphasize that I have no ulterior motive in telling you about Canva, I just enjoy the program.

Here’s what I love most about Canva: it has inspiration built into it. You can search to find design grids and elements to spark your inspiration.

Want a Canva Invitation?

Canva’s still in beta; I have several invitations to give away. If you’d like one, contact me.

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Blogging? 4 Easy Ways to Save Time


Trying to fit blogging into your busy schedule? We looked at itty bitty SHORT blog posts you can create. This saves time. However, there are other ways you can save time too.

Over the years, I’ve streamlined my blogging workflow so that I can get more done – and I continue to tinker with it.

Here are my four favorite time-saving methods.

1. Plan your blogging: planning reduces procrastination

I’ve talked about Sunday planning. This needn’t take long. You can do it while you’re watching TV.

Take action: write a paragraph or two for each idea. If you just write a couple of words, or a title, you’ll wonder what you were thinking when it’s time to write a post. Describe your idea. A minute or two saves time later.

2. Sort out your keywords: keywords count, but readers count more

When you’re planning, check out your website’s stats. Are people finding you for the keywords for which you want to be found?

If not, you may have a targeting problem. Brainstorm keywords your ideal customer might use to find you.

Take action: create a keywords spreadsheet.

Although keywords count, create your blog content for your readers, rather than for search engines.

3. Collect or create images

Collect the images you’ll use for your blogging in the following week.

Take action: if you’re short of images, or even if you’re not, use your cell phone camera. Take photos of your products, your staff, and your location. Image marketing is BIG in 2013.

4. Blog on the go

Most blogs will allow you to blog via email messages. When I update my clients’ blogs, I often type up some quick updates via email. When you do this, you don’t even need to log in to the blog.

blog by email
Got a WordPress blog? Save time by blogging via email

If you’ve got the Jetpack plugin installed in your WordPress blog, you can use the Post by Email option.

Alternatively, just set up an email address in your Dashboard – Settings/ Writing.

We’ve discussed how to blog on the go:

I do much of my blogging away from my computer. I’m more creative out of the office than in it. If you get frazzled and distracted, consider that you can blog anywhere.

Take action: set up an email address now for your blog, so you can blog anywhere, anytime. You never know when you’ll see something blog-worthy.

Everyone’s busy these days. With a little preparation, you can save time blogging.
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photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc