Content Merry-Go-Round: 5 Easy Ways to Create Content For Your Blog


At least once a week, a blogger tells me: “I’ve got nothing to blog about!” He’s experiencing blogger’s resistance. This is common, and it will stop you cold if you ascribe meaning to that feeling. Don’t do that.

Ascribing meaning to your resistance is a trap, just as procrastination’s a trap. If you’re procrastinating, you can read books about it, talk about it, and figure out ways you can stop procrastinating… or you can just get on with it.

I used to be the Queen of Procrastination, until I discovered the magic of timers. Now if I don’t want to do something, I set a timer for ten minutes. Then I spend ten minutes doing it. You can stand anything for ten minutes.

Feelings come and go. Your resistance doesn’t mean that you truly have nothing to blog about, nor does it mean that you should stop blogging.

Leo Babauta wrote an article on resistance, and gave excellent advice:

Just start. In the end, all the tips in the world won’t make as much a difference as this simple (and timeless) instruction. Just sit down and start.

You do have things to blog about. Let’s look at five easy ways to create content – even if you are experiencing resistance. :-)

1. Make a list of blog topics you’re covering

Look at your blog categories. Make a list of five categories. Choose one category, and set a timer for ten minutes. Jot down as many blog post titles as you can in ten minutes.

You’ll find that at the end of ten minutes, you’re ready to write. You’ve broken through inertia and your resistance.

Don’t throw those post titles away. Add them to your blog as draft posts. If you’re a WordPress user, try the Drafts Dropdown plugin for easy access to your drafts from the WordPress dashboard. (It’s an older plugin, but it works fine in WordPress 3.6.)

2. Answer questions

Check your email’s Sent Mail folder. What questions did you answer? Make a list. Expand on one, and create a blog post.

If you didn’t answer any questions you can blog about, check Quora. It’s a Q and A website, with thousands of questions you could answer.

Pick a question that intrigues you, and answer it on your blog.

3. Check the news and press releases

Create Alerts in Google News for topics you cover on your blog, or for topics which interest you. To create an Alert, search Google News for your topic, then click the “Create an email alert” link at the bottom of the page.

Which companies do you follow? You can subscribe to press release updates from companies, or to a specific company’s newsletter.

Share the latest news in a blog post.

4. Check social media feeds

Reading feeds can feed your inspiration. Make a list of topics. Choose one, and write your blog post.

5. Use your experiences

Think about challenges you’ve experienced. How did you meet those challenges? Tell the story of a recent challenge in a blog post.

So there you have it: five easy ways to create content for your blog. Try them.

What about you? How do you create content? Please share your favorite tip.

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