Business Blog Tips: Fresh Traffic From Older Content 3 Ways

Business Blog Tips: Fresh Traffic From Older Content 3 Ways

You love your business blog, and it’s an essential marketing tool. However, you’re missing out on traffic. Google’s serving up personalized content, and if content isn’t fresh it’s dead. Although you have great content, it’s unappreciated, because no one sees it.

Here’s the key to making the most of older content – plan to revisit and revive it. It takes less time to polish older content than to create brand new material.

Let’s look at how you can turn older content into a traffic generator.

Tip: while you’re revising, update your calls to action (CTA).

1. Revise older content, and republish it.

How much content do you have? I have several thousand posts on some of my blogs, so this year I’m making a concerted effort to bring back older content that’s appropriate and valuable for my audience today. If your blog’s older than a few months, your visitors will completely miss the content you published when your blog was brand new and you had little traffic.

While you revise, you can add new content as appropriate. If you’ve changed your mind about something in the original post, create a heading: “Updated in 2014”, then add your new information and insights.

Add internal links as appropriate to fresher content. If you’re using WordPress, consider using a related posts plugin.

2. Create new content, linking to your older content.

Keep a list of the content you’ve freshened. You’ll get story ideas from it. Then, when you create the new content, quote and link to your older content.

If you have posts you’ve written in series, turn them into ebooks, and offer them as downloads. One of my blogging friends has been collecting her series posts into ebooks, which she offers in EPUB and MOBI format, as well as in PDF. Here’s a comparison of ebook formats; they tend to be confusing. In a nutshell: MOBI’s for Amazon’s Kindle, EPUB is for everything else.

3. Create roundup posts, linking to older posts.

Large blogs which post multiple times daily offer round-up posts on a specific day of the week. Consider doing a roundup once every couple of weeks, or once a month, going forward.

You can create roundup posts at any time that it’s worthwhile for your readers. If you’ve been getting lots of questions about something you’ve covered before, create a roundup post on the topic. For every person who asks a question, ten others will have the same question.

A “this time last year” roundup post brings back content today’s visitors haven’t read; you can create these kinds of posts if you’re too busy to create new content for your blog.

Your business blog is an asset; so are its archives. Make the most of them.

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Blogging Tips For People Who Hate Blogging: 5 Easy Keys To Success

Blogging Tips For People Who Hate Blogging: 5 Easy Keys To Success

Do you hate blogging? Let’s look at some blogging tips which will help you to turn your blog into a powerhouse marketing tool. It’s easier than you think.

Start by considering how your blog appears to you. Perhaps it seems like a time sink; alternatively, you may look on it as a way to take your business to the next level.

Use these five keys to unlock the power of your business blog.

1. Consider your goals, then commit to a schedule.

Make a list of outcomes you’re looking for in 2014: increased traffic, better conversions, enhanced visibility… If this sounds complicated, keep it simple.

Create a statement: “In 2014, our blog will help our current customers by ________. It will attract new customers, who will see our business as __________.” Your statement summarizes your goals, and because it’s brief and to the point, you’ll remember it.

Put this statement where you’ll see it, on a sticky note perhaps. Use Google Analytics to track your results.

Then decide how often you’ll blog. You don’t need to commit to a schedule. If you do however, blogging will be easier.

2. Your blog is a publication: vary your content.

Blogging is instant publishing. Your blog is a publication and just like a magazine, and can have several contributors.

In 7 Steps To Make Your Blog A Marketing Machine, Heidi Cohen suggests:

Outline a series of on-going content columns. Extend the information you’re going to cover in terms of categories. Go a step further and think like an old fashioned magazine to create a set of regular features related to the focus on your content marketing strategy.

It’s excellent advice. Magazines have two primary forms of content: editorial, and advertising. Use both. This speaks to Tip 5: inspire action with your blog posts.

3. Collect a team, and add them to your editorial calendar.

When a client tells me he hates blogging, it’s because he’s taken the entire burden on his own shoulders. You need a team, and you may need to bribe people, or hire them. If you haven’t considered soliciting guest posts, consider it now. Ask members of your staff to volunteer (bribe them). Reach out to colleagues, suppliers, and even investors if you have them.

Consider reaching out to other bloggers too. Cast your net widely.

Make a list of possible contributors, and reach out to them. When you get a contributor, add them to your editorial calendar.

4. Reward yourself when you hit blogging milestones.

Set up blogging milestones. Your milestones can be anything you choose, and can involve traffic, and conversions. Or perhaps your milestones will be the number of social shares, or even  the number of posts you create.

They can be public, or private, as long as they’re meaningful. Rewards make good bribes for your contributors.

Make a list of milestones, and of rewards.

5. Remember to inspire action with every blog post.

What do you want your blog’s readers to do when they check out a posting on your blog? Perhaps you simply want to give them additional information about a product. You needn’t spend all your time discussing products’ features and benefits however.

If you’re selling oven ware for example, there’s no need to confine yourself to talking about your various products. You can talk about famous chefs, give recipes and tips, or post photos and videos of readers’ kitchens. The possibilities are endless, as long as you remember to inspire action.

Create a blogging template. At the bottom of the template, type: ACTION! (Include the exclamation point.)

 Become a full-time, or a part-time blogger

Blogging Maestro is a complete program: it will get you started on a new career.

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Clever: Create a Fast and Easy “About me” Haiku Deck Presentation

Clever: Create a Fast and Easy “About me” Haiku Deck Presentation

I’m a huge fan of Haiku Deck, the presentation app which used to be available only on the iPad, but is now available for the Web too.

Yesterday I was browsing Pinterest, and came across a board of “About Me” Haiku Decks. What a clever idea! You can create a deck like this in minutes, to inspire yourself, and others.

I especially enjoyed Stephanie S. Bell’s deck. She’s used a wonderful mix of images, and just enough text.

Explore decks, and then create your own. You can pin your deck, and embed it on your website or blog too.

If you wish, you can post your deck to Slideshare with just a couple of clicks:

Type in your SlideShare username and password, click “SHARE,” and a PDF of your deck will be automatically uploaded to your Slideshare profile.

You can then click through to your deck on SlideShare to add a description, tags, and category, all of which help your great ideas get discovered.

Energize your blog’s archive with short presentations

Yesterday, we discussed energizing your blog’s content:

Energize your blog’s content by updating it regularly. Add “Update my blog!” to your calendar program. Then, once a week, or once a month, update a blog post or two. It’s amazing how easily your content can become slightly out of date.

Why not summarize a blog post’s information with a slide deck, and embed the deck on the post? You’ll be drawing attention to valuable content on your blog.

Have fun creating decks; I’ll be creating my own About Me deck.

If you create an About Me deck, please post a link to your deck in the Comments. I’d love to see what you create and get to know you. :-)
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Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

Blog Content: 3 Silly-Simple Ways to Highlight, Promote and Energize Your Content

I’m helping a couple of small business owners to get into the spirit of blogging. My top tip: make it easy on yourself to create and promote content. No one expects you to write 900-word blog posts every day. That’s exhausting. Create a mix of content, which works for you and for your audience.

We’ve discussed creating goals for your blog before, so if you haven’t done that already, please do that first. Your blog needs to have a goal. Your goals will change over time.

Have you created a goal? Excellent. Review your blog’s goals regularly. (I’m working with J.D. Meier’s 30 Days of Getting Results, which has a superb strategy for working  with your goals. I’ll be writing about it soon.)

OK, with your goals firmly in mind, let’s look at three silly-simple ways to get more value from your blogging.

Tip 1. Highlight your best content: keep it alive.

Have you created a truly useful blog post you know will help your readers? If you have, it’s your responsibility to get it in front of them, in any way you can.

If you haven’t created a mailing list yet, do that right now. Encourage your blog visitors to subscribe to your list. If you connect your list to your blog, your subscribers will be updated each time you post.

Once a week, or once every couple of weeks, send a brief “you might have missed” mailing, highlighting your best content.

Tip 2. Promote your best content: it’s worth it.

Yes, promote your content on social media. However, promote beyond too. Consider promoting your blog posts to people who wouldn’t otherwise see your content. Turn your blog post into a report, and give it away for free.

Consider promoting your report with a press release.

Tip 3. Energize your content: update it.

Your blog’s posts appear chronologically, and soon disappear off your blog’s home page. Out of sight can mean out of mind, if you allow it.

Energize your blog’s content by updating it regularly. Add “Update my blog!” to your calendar program. Then, once a week, or once a month, update a blog post or two. It’s amazing how easily your content can become slightly out of date.

You and your business are changing too. Update older content to bring it to life, and make it work for your business. Don’t forget to promote your updated content.

So, there you have it. Three ways to highlight, promote and energize your content.

Your next step: create a plan

Brainstorm ways you can use these tips. Then create some tasks, and add those tasks to your calendar. Your blog – and your readers – will thank you.


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