Writer’s Block: 5 Ways to Write Anyway

Writer's Block: 5 Ways to Write Anyway

A student asked about writer’s block. I’m tempted to say that there’s no such thing, but writers do burn out. If that happens, you’ll eventually get back on track, much wiser for the experience.

Let’s assume that your block isn’t burnout. You’ve simply lost your writer’s mojo. Here are five ways to get it back.

1. Get Input: Learn Something, or Do Something

You write, write, write… and then you stop. You have nothing to say. This happens to bloggers. It’s easy to feel that you’ve said all you have to say on a subject. You just don’t want to think about the topic again.

You need input. Learn something new. It doesn’t matter much what that something is. Anything you’re learning will kick your brain cells awake.

If you’re writing fiction, at some stage (for me it’s page 100), you’ll hit the wall. You decide your plot is ridiculous, your characters are worthless cardboard and you’d rather be dead. Break out the champagne, and have a few celebratory sips. When you hit the wall, salvation is on the other side of it. Take three days off. Refuse to think about your fiction.

Take yourself off somewhere on a short break. You’ll come back revitalized. Your subconscious works hard. It will deliver a solution, and your block will be just a memory.

2. Describe Your Pen

You don’t want to write, so you don’t. Grab a pen, or a pencil, and study it. Then describe it, in as much detail as you can. What material is it made of? Color? When did you buy it? Keep writing.

I’ve no idea why this simple description process breaks through blocks, but it does. It’s probably because after a few minutes of battering your brain about a stupid pen, any other topic sounds good to you.

3. Write a Letter (You Don’t Need to Send It)

Occasionally you’re blocked because of what you’re not saying. If you’re annoyed at someone or something, write a letter. Release your anger, or fear, or whatever it is. The letter’s just for you. Delete the computer file, or rip up the paper when you’re done.

4. Start Something New

You have things you need to write: sales material, your blog, emails… All these “musts” can dry up your creativity. Start something new. It doesn’t matter what it is.

5. Rewrite Something Old

If you’re stuck on a project, and can’t face it, here’s how to get going on it again. Rewrite it — that is, retype it.

I started writing back in the days of typewriters. I’m a horrible typist, so my typescripts always looked ridiculous, with smudges of Tipp-Ex all over the paper. I needed to retype pages often. Here’s the thing. Once you start retyping, your brain gets into the act. You’ll find yourself rewriting, and getting interested in the material. Then, just like magic, you’re writing again, and your block is gone.

Try these methods of breaking through your writer’s block. One will work for you, and you’ll be happily writing again.

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Blog Block: Learning to Love Your Blog All over Again


Blogs need content. Shocking, right? That’s like saying a fish needs water… unfortunately, since water evaporates, sooner or later you’ll find yourself drying up.

You’ve got a blog block. You have nothing left to say. Worse, you may feel a real aversion to blogging. Your blog feels like a weight on your shoulders.

At this stage, money won’t help. Your blog may be making a you a healthy income, but it doesn’t matter. You no longer care.


Believe it or not, this scenario is common, and it’s not a disaster. Not even close.

You just need to fall in love with your blog all over again.

Blogs have no finish line

This “I HATE what I’m doing” situation is common when you’re writing a book. In fiction, it happens in the “dreaded middle”.

It’s uncomfortable, but a book has a finish line. You know that if you keep writing (introduce another character, kill a character, twist some motivations), you’ll get through the dreaded middle, and the end will be in sight.

Without a finish line for your blog, you feel as if this aversion to blogging will go on forever. You’ll never have another easy day in your life, because your blog’s sucking all the energy out of you.

Fall in love with your blog again

It’s time to recapture the magic and inspiration you felt when you began your blog.

Here’s how.

1. Go back to your very first posts.

If you’ve been blogging for over a year, you can revisit these posts with some “One Year Ago Today” posts.

Review the posts. Has your opinion on the post’s topic changed? Chances are that it has. Write a new post. Talk about how your opinion has changed, or how the situation has changed.

Perhaps you have new information to share on a post’s topic — share it. In 12 months, you’ve changed, and the world’s changed.

2. Talk to other bloggers.

You need blog buddies. Not only can your buddies write the occasional guest post for you, they can also provide you with fresh motivation and inspiration.

Get some buddies — chat with people. You’ll feel less alone.

3. Collect your favorite/ best blog posts into an ebook.

You’ll find that collecting your favorite posts gives you a sense of accomplishment. You’ve achieved a lot.

Chances are, you’ll also generate ideas for new topics you can develop on your blog.

Give away some free copies of your ebook to get new readers to your blog.

Then post the ebook to Amazon’s Kindle. Not only will you get new readers, you’ll make some money too.

4. Learn more — and share what you’re learning.

No one knows everything. Blogs are voracious. So, keep learning. There’s always something to learn.

Take a course, online or offline — you’ll become inspired.

If you follow the above tips, sooner or later, you’ll fall in love with your blog all over again. Blogging will become fun again.

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