Copywriting Secrets: 3 Profitable Tactics You Can Use Today

Copywriting is a master skill for anyone who owns an online business. You need the confidence and the tactics to sell. If you don’t possess these skills, and fail to use the tactics, you’re crippling your business.

Let’s look at three profitable copywriting secrets you can use to build your business today. Learn these three essential tactics, and use them in every piece of copy you create.

1. Craft an Irresistible Offer

With an irresistible offer, you don’t need major skills. Without an irresistible offer, all the skills in the world won’t help.

If you’re writing your own copy, think carefully about your market. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. If your offering is similar to others’, differentiate it. You must make your offer a complete no-brainer.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a notebook computer. Margins are low. Therefore, if you try to base your offering solely on price, you’re heading for bankruptcy.

Make your offering irresistible by adding value. The value-add you choose will depend on your market. Let’s say you’re targeting the student market. You could include a free notebook sleeve, three thumb drives, free online storage…

If you’re writing copy for others, think about the offer carefully. Copywriting is much more than writing creative copy. It’s selling. Help your client to sell, and not only will you get repeat business, you’ll also get more clients.

2. Create a Vital Reason to Buy Now, Rather Than Later

“24 hour” sales are popular for a reason. They nudge people to buy. Time-limited offerings always work.

Use your ingenuity to come up with a “buy NOW” reason.

However, don’t trick buyers. Once you’ve lost buyers’ confidence, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

3. Engender Confidence in Your Product

Big companies spend millions of dollars to get celebrity endorsements. They do it to engender confidence in buyers. They know that sports stars and movie stars get attention, and create a halo effect on products.

You can engender confidence in many ways. For example, you can offer free samples, or offer a 30-day trial. You can post testimonials.

Have you noticed that our three profitable copywriting tactics had nothing to do with words?

Copywriting is selling. It’s not creating smokescreens with words.

When you craft an irresistible offer, give customers a reason to buy now, and engender confidence, you’ve created an unshakeable foundation for your copy. Profitability is inevitable.

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