Pages for Mac: What’s New and Useful?

Pages for Mac: What's New and Useful?

Are you a Mac user? If you are, you know that OS X Mavericks is here. Apple’s iWork suite has been updated too, so let’s look at what’s new and useful in Pages.

Here’s a pleasant surprise, not only is Mavericks free, but if you own Pages et al, those updates are free too. However, Apple’s new free update policy is confusing, to say the least:

If you want your free iWork and iLife apps—on OS X Mavericks or on iOS—you have to first visit the Mac App Store to do so. When you do, however, the “Buy” button for those apps will be replaced with “Download” or “Update” (or the iCloud icon on the iOS App Store).

So if you already own Pages, open the App Store and download your free update. :-)

Oh no, where’s the status bar?

With luck, an updated app offers speed enhancements as well as new features. Unfortunately, features you rely on tend to vanish when the user interface is “improved.” I hate that.

You’ll notice that Pages’ floating panels are now part of the workspace; accessed via the Toolbar. All well and good; the full screen view’s much improved, because the document thumbnails and formatting tools are within reach.

My sole quibble’s the status bar. I’ve dug around, but I can’t find it. Why remove the status bar? I’m used to checking the bar for the word count. Now the word counter floats at the bottom of the document. Not an improvement, for me anyway. You may love it.

OK, enough with the quibbling, here’s what I like.

Useful: instant updating on all devices, via iCloud

Initially, I missed File/ Save As, but I’ve gotten used to it. I opened an older document on my computer to test Pages, and saving it to iCloud was easy. You just click the dropdown list next to the document’s name in the title bar, and choose iCloud, as you can see in the image below.

iCloud sharing

Open Pages on another device, and keep working on your document. I opened my iPad, and there the document was. You’ll need to update to iOS 7 for this to work.

Useful: easy document sharing, anywhere you choose

Document sharing’s simplicity itself in Pages now. Just click the Share icon in the Toolbar, and share a link, or share a copy of the document. Sharing options: Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook.

You can see when a document’s shared, and you can also stop sharing it. Here’s the Sharing dialog, in the image below.

a shared document


Brilliant! Collaborate on the Web with Pages for iCloud

Although this latest version of Pages makes document revisions easier, I’m thrilled with the new iWork for iCloud. You can work with anyone on a document, just share the link, and they can open it in any Web browser to make changes. (Click the Gear icon, and choose Share Document to get the link.)

iCloud collaboration

Pages for iCloud

If you’re as tired of juggling documents, people and document revisions as I am, Pages for iCloud will make you smile with delight.

So there you have it: a taste of what’s new and useful in Pages for Mac. Download and enjoy. :-)
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What They Said About the iPad Three Years Ago (Snicker)

iPad Steve Jobs

The iPad’s three years old! If you love your iPad as much as I do, it’s time to look back and wonder at all those smarties who had such a lot to say after Steve Jobs’ announcement made the news.

A look back at the iPad naysayers | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog on the things they said:

“Things the iPad can’t do:

1. No Camera, that’s right, you can’t take pics and e-mail them.

2. No Web Cam, that’s right, no iChat or Skype Video chatting.

3. No Flash, that’s right, you can’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX or HULU.

4. No External Ports, such as Volume, Mic, DVI, USB, Firewire, SD card or HDMI”

Well… snicker… :-)

That wasn’t the worst, of course. Who can forget all the titters about the name, “iPad”?

Of all the names that Apple had reportedly secured–Apple Tablet, iTablet, Magic Slate, iSlate–I think it’s safe to say that no one truly believed that Apple would name their newest product the iPad. Especially women.

“So will the 64GB one be called the Maxi-Pad?”

“I’m holding out for the iRag.”


Here’s a quick video stroll down memory lane to Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad in 2010.

Has the iPad changed your life?

It’s changed mine. I spend more time on my iPad than I do on my desktop.

In 2010, when I took the iPad out of its box and turned it on for the first time, I thought back to my first Apple computer, in 1983. It was an Apple IIe, with a whole 64 KB of RAM. The kids loved it.

Who could imagine that less than 30 years later, a computer which was way more powerful would be the size of a magazine?

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

photo credit: Phil Gyford via photopin cc

Apple’s Wonderful Copywriters: iPad Smart Cover

Apple's copywriters

Apple has wonderful copywriters. Check out the headline above: Apple Smart Cover. One great idea on top of another.

I could weep with sheer envy…

But wait, there’s more Apple — Smart Cover — Cover up, stand up and brighten up iPad.:

Great looks. And even better moves.

iPad is thin, sleek and flat-out amazing. So why hide it in a bulky case? The slim yet sturdy Smart Cover protects your iPad screen without covering up its durable aluminium back. So your iPad still looks and feels like an iPad — just with a little extra protection. “

Beautiful, just beautiful. The line “One great idea on top of another” resonates.

Kudos to you, Apple copywriters. That page is masterful. Totally inspirational to all copywriters everywhere.

Wherever you go, there you are – Apple treats

Apple - MobileMe.jpg

I can’t wait to try out Apple’s new MobileMe. I’ve been a confirmed Mac person (although I still use a PC for my magazine commitments) since 2005.

As the saying goes, a Mac just works. In fact, when you switch from a PC to a Mac, that’s one of the main things to get your head around – you do much less, and accomplish much more. I spent the first three weeks with my Mac going: “Huh? What… WOW! It’s so easy…” :-)

Since I’m already a .Mac person, I’ll get a new email address, and lots of space, AND – this is the biggie – I’ll be able to sync my PC and Mac with ease.

I LOVE my Mac. :-)