Yet Another Online Word Processing App: Editorially

Looking for the perfect online word processing app? Me too. So far, we’ve looked at Gingko, and Quip.

Now I’m checking out Editorially, which I like for a couple of reasons: Markdown and exporting. Editorially exports your docs in both Markdown and HTML, in a zip archive. Another plus: the interface is beautiful. (More on Editorially soon.)


Google+ Is Now On Buffer! Joy, Oh Joy

Connect Google+ to Buffer
Connect Google+ to Buffer

You’re on social media. You’re pushed for time. You need to schedule posts. So, what do you do? You use Buffer, of course. It’s fast and easy.

Buffer works with Twitter and Facebook… But not with Google+. If you’re a Google+ fan, as increasing numbers of folks are, you’re slightly peeved that you can’t Buffer Google+.

Hello, joy and delight. Now you can connect Google+ to Buffer.

Buffer has an excellent how-to:

 Improve the Formatting of your posts through Buffer

Google+ has a very powerful posting editor that let’s you format your text in a variety of ways. Of course, all of these also work through Buffer, here are the most important ones you need to know:

The most important ones are below. Left is the formatting to get the right handside once you hit publish:

  • *Word* = Word

  • _Word_ =  Word

  • -Word- =  Word

When Buffer users were asked for feedback, Google+ sharing has been the most-requested feature for the past two years.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been waiting for this feature — go and connect. See you on Google+. :-)
, and on Twitter: @angee

Write or Else! Funniest Writing App Ever

Write or Die
If you’re slacking, Write or Die forces you to write

Although I usually don’t have problems writing because I’ve trained myself out of blatant procrastination over the years, I can get side-tracked. I decide that although I need to work on Project X because a deadline’s looming, it’s far more important to work on Project Y.

To force myself to work on Project X, I’ve been using Write or Die. It’s a fun app which has several Modes. I love Kamikaze Mode, because if you don’t keep writing, your words start disappearing.  It’s a giggle; a real antidote to boredom.

Write or Die has a free Web version, as well as a paid download for Mac and PC. It’s also available as an iPad version. Give the free Web version a try, but beware Kamikaze Mode.