Copywriting For Writers Is Now Available On Kindle

Copywriting For Writers Is Now Available On Kindle

Copywriting is an essential skill for writers. Chances are, you don’t want to run your own copywriting business. However, you need to write Web copy, and sell your writing services, so you need copywriting skills.

This ebook will help you to:

  • Promote and sell your writing services, as well as products you’ve created, such as ebooks;
  • Discover how to chunk down your copy, into “copy blocks”. This is the easiest way ever to write advertising;
  • Write copy for others. Copywriters charge more, so if your writing fees are low, this ebook will help you to raise them;
  • Get publicity for your writing. Publicity is much more effective than buying ads to promote your services.

The program is set up as four lessons, and each lesson has exercises you can complete, to develop your skills.

Get the  program on the Kindle Store

Copywriting for Writers is now available on the Kindle Store. It’s an easy way to increase your writing income. Not only will you be able to promote your own products and services more effectively, but you can also take on small copywriting gigs.

Enjoy. :-)

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Kindle Ebook Cover Creator: Fast and Elegant

Judging by my writing students, sourcing Kindle ebook covers cause more angst that writing a book does. Yes, covers are important. However, you can create them yourself very easily. Perhaps you’ve heard of Canva, the graphics editor? It’s also the easiest ever Kindle ebook cover creator.

Canva does the hard work for you of ebook cover creation for you

Kindle Ebook Cover Creator: Fast and Elegant

In the image above, you can see one of the many images Canva provides for book covers. If you don’t like the image, just upload your own. It takes just minutes to develop your own ecover for your latest Kindle book.

A tip: if you’re writing a series of books, create several ecovers at the same time. Tie the series together with similar images, and use the same fonts. Add all the information which you’ll use for each ebook in the series. Later, when an ebook is ready to publish, just add the title.

As you may know, I have a busy ghostwriting practice. I create cover images in Canvas as a service for my clients. I don’t charge for them; clients are free to hire their own designer. However, it’s so easy to do, I do it so that if they wish, clients can publish to Kindle immediately, then change the cover later.

Canva for Work: coming soon

Canva is becoming the graphic design program of choice for authors, marketers, and others. And Canva for Work is coming soon; I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

If you’d like to receive early notification of the new program, enter your email address.

Your Creative Business: Coaching to Turn Your Creativity into Profits

Your Creative Business: Coaching to Turn Your Creativity into Profits

Want to turn your writing into a creative business? Over the past few months, we’ve had many queries asking when the Your Creative Business coaching program would return, and we’re happy to announce that it’s back. Get started today: put your creativity to work.

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Writing Commercial Fiction: Current Programs (to help you to make money in indie publishing)

Writing Commercial Fiction: Current Programs (to help you to make money in indie publishing)

As you may know, commercial fiction (genre fiction) is currently a hot area in self-publishing. We’ve got several writing programs which help you to establish a career as a novelist and short story writer.

They include:

Readers have asked “which program is right for me?”

Which program is for you?

That depends on where you are in your writing career. If you’re making the switch from other forms of writing, and are new to writing genre fiction, start with Story Power.

Writing short fiction teaches you how to write fiction, and with the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, writing short stories is currently more profitable than writing longer fiction.

Here are four tips to turn short stories into Kindle cash.

Short stories have never, ever been as profitable as they are today, so if you’re a new fiction author, you’re being paid to learn. :-)

Hot Plots: tell exciting stories

Our latest program, Hot Plots, teaches you how to develop great stories. As I said in this article on how to write commercial fiction:

“Fiction is stories. Everyone loves stories. Readers read stories for escape, to learn more about other people, and to feel specific emotions.”

Make money with fiction

Writers always want to know the income potential of an area, so I covered that in this blog post, Indie Publishing And Money:

“The Passive Voice blog’s been asking authors to share their “I quit my day job” stories in a series of posts. All those posts received massive comments, so you can see that yes, indeed, people are making a good living writing fiction and self-publishing it.”

Enjoy writing fiction, and take advantage of this new golden age for writers. :-)

Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)

How To Write Commercial Fiction With Hot Plots

The big secret of making money from your fiction is writing a lot. And publishing strategically and consistently. Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program ensures that authors can make money from short stories, and all kinds of fiction. Moreover, whatever you’re publishing, you have a global audience.

You’re about to discover the easiest, fastest, and most fun plotting method ever. You can use it for all your fiction, whether you’re writing short stories, novellas or novels. Take control of your fiction now, and publish more, more easily. Discover Hot Plots.

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How to profit from your writing: online store.

Writing Journal 65: You CAN Self-Publish

Writing Journal 65: You CAN Self-Publish

My writing journal for Thursday, October 16, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

I woke up early this morning, at 4.30AM, with some clever twists for the mystery novel tumbling through my mind. I created a cluster diagram, then wrote it up, and started my daily stint on the novel a few minutes early. I managed 3,200 words, before I wound down. After yesterday’s dithering, I was pleased that the writing flowed this morning.

Without any doubt, this is one of the easiest novels I’ve ever written. Hmmm… the universe might be trying to tell me something.

An aside to the universe… if you want me to write mysteries, PLEASE drop an intriguing sleuth into my brain. I’ve been rereading Phil Rickman lately. I’d love to be gifted with a sleuth like Merrily Watkins.

Onward with the two nonfiction books. I forced myself to work solely on the ebook, rather than the print book, and achieved 1,800 words.

Breakfast. It’s cold this morning, so Honey limped a little. I hope her arthritis will improve as the weather warms up.

I ate my toast while reading and responding to email messages from clients and students. I make notes for Julia to type up.

More work on my new website

Progress on the new website. I’ve got some lovely goodies lined up for readers. More on that soon.

Next, some on-going copywriting for a couple of retainer clients.

A short interruption, while I go for my walk. The storms of the night before last don’t seem to have done any major damage; we were lucky.

You CAN Self-Publish

I had lunch while reading social media, and found this gem from Hugh Howey, Group Hug.

Had to snicker at this one:

3) It will end your writing career if you self-publish.

Actually, it’s just as likely to start your writing career. A friend of mine just sold his self-published book to a Big 5 publisher for several hundred thousand dollars. It may have been true at one time that publishers only looked at material if it had never been published anywhere else before, but that was laid to rest a long time ago. The stigma is gone within publishing houses. 50 Shades of Grey selling a bazillion copies changed all that.

Yes, it’s fascinating that all the “you’ll be ruined!” screams about self-publishing have died down. Now the screamers just bash Amazon. (Sigh.)

Of COURSE you can self-publish. You can do whatever you please. And take it from me, if you knew how frustrating it is to deal with middle-people like agents and editors, you’d run away screaming from anyone who offered you a traditional publishing contract.

Self-publishing gives you freedom, above all. Yes, it can be scary, and yes, you’ll make mistakes. However, at least you’re not paying for others’ mistakes. Once you sign away your rights in a piece of writing you can’t easily get them back.


Next, blogging. I need to organize content for clients’ blogs, and do some research. That takes several hours.

Finally, I have a few minutes to check how many draft posts I have on my own blogs. I need to write more draft posts, so I’ll do that tonight.

It’s after 4PM, which means that I need to catch up on phone calls and email messages.

The bullet journal Kickstarter campaign was a roaring success

The campaign raised over $79,000.

I started using the bullet journal system on September 18, so I’ve been using it for just on a month. Why, oh why didn’t I start using it earlier? It combines perfectly with Evernote and Things, and makes it wonderfully easy to track goals. I love it; I decorate my pages with stickers and Washi tape, so I can see how close I am to a goal at a glance.

Your bullet journal can make it hard NOT to do things, because those items you’ve migrated keep staring it you. It’s easier to do them, than it is to keep looking at what you’re avoiding. Fun.

With all my calls returned, I do my daily review. It’s the end of another writing day.

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