Focus on your goals when choosing a domain name for your new site

When you’re choosing a domain name for a new site, you’ve got many options. Will you go for a name that defines your Unique Selling Point (USP) or a generic, catchy name that you can turn into a brand?

Seth Godin has a great post, The New Rules of Naming, in which he outlines the process he went through in naming a site.

Before you start thinking too deeply about names, work on your strategy.

What is your primary goal for the site? Sales — if so, sales of what? Marketing — what are you marketing?

When you’ve selected your primary goal for the site, you’ll have the key for choosing a great name.

Beyond the name, focus on creating a QUALITY site. There’s so much rubbish online that, as Aaron Wall points out:
If you are creating something of quality over 99% of the competing pages for any phrase are going to be of zero significance.