Blogging as conversation? Let’s NOT talk. Let’s take ACTION

In a very funny post, We suck! We suck! Nicholas Carr asks:

Who exactly crowned “conversation” king? … Conversation isn’t king. Good products and services at fair prices are king – always were, always will be.

Ouch. Yes, companies should be listening to bloggers. They should have many Technorati watch lists, to hear what bloggers are saying. But if there are problems — fix them. Consumers want to know that when they buy a lemon or any product that doesn’t work, they’ll get a replacement.

A lot of the “blogging as conversation” nonsense was started by PR people/ bloggers. I love PR people, I really do, but spin is in their genes: it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

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Marketing by the numbers: it’s a process

Excellent article in BusinessWeek about small business (any business) marketing.

The point being that you must have marketing processes in place, so that you’re marketing consistently.

Yes, this means that you need to be organized, but if you don’t have marketing processes in place it means that you’re stuck with advertising, which is not only expensive, but is becoming less effective.

How’s your marketing mix?

One of the biggest dangers for any business is an inability to manage marketing.

Marketing is essential. It needs to be done daily, and you need a mix of marketing strategies. Don’t depend too much on a single marketing tactic. What works great today could bomb tomorrow.

Good point from Think Strategically And Avoid Search Engine Sweat:

…no single marketing tactic should make or break your Internet business. That is poor planning, whether you do business on-line or off. Top ten rankings, newsletters, networking, pay-per-click ads, link campaigns, e-courses … the list is a mile long. The list of permutations and combinations of such marketing tactics available to you is even longer.

Are you depending too much on your search engine rankings? Don’t. Have a marketing plan for your business that contains a mix of strategies.
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