The only marketing secret you’ll ever need

I’ve been revising a client’s marketing strategy. The client is disappointed.

“But we’re already doing all that stuff!” He complains.

“You are, but you’re not doing it enough. You need to do more, and do it more often.” I said.

If you’re concerned about your marketing, you’ll go looking for “secret” strategies. There are no secrets. There’s just marketing. However, marketing is a mansion with many, many rooms. The four Ps — product, pricing, promotion and place — will never go out of fashion. But when sales are down, companies tend to panic and look for a magic-bullet solution.

The only magic bullet is to do more. It doesn’t have to cost more. For example, I suggested to one company that they ramp up their news releases. This company has five divisions. There’s enough stuff happening there that they could send out a news release every day, but I recommended two a week.

With two news releases going out a week, that’s a hundred in a year. The point with this kind of ongoing bid for media attention isn’t just the opportunity to get publicity. It’s also the effect it has on company’s people. The news releases affect morale — they showcase what’s happening. People feel that they’re making a difference.

I know that within a couple of months of persistent marketing, this company is going to notice a huge difference. They’re going to get attention, sure, but the biggest and best difference will be within the company.

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