Pinterest Power: Get Up to Speed On Pinterest, It’s More Useful Than You’d Think

Pinterest Power: Get Up to Speed On Pinterest, It’s More Useful Than You’d Think

Are you using Pinterest for your business? I know that many businesses aren’t. On the other hand, I’ve run into several companies which use Pinterest as their one and only website; that’s something I wouldn’t have considered, but it works for them.

We discussed how to lure customers via Pinterest, and if you’ve been holding off using Pinterest, here are three tips which will help you to get up to speed.

1. Get up to speed fast.

Not sure how you’d use Pinterest?

Jeff Sieh suggests (and provides a clever video):

One definite way you can use Pinterest for your small business and drive more traffic to your website or blog is by optimizing your pins for search purposes. Create compelling descriptions which include your relevant keywords but remember there is a 500-character limit. Make your descriptions count by being short, concise and strategic in what you say.

2. Use Pinterest for market research.

Keep in mind that 80% of Pinterest users are women, and Pinterest has 500,000 business accounts. This makes it a happy hunting ground for researching your target market, and competitors.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business suggests:

Before you undertake any marketing campaign, you have to undertake market research first. With Pinterest, you can gather all the valuable market research in one place without anybody else knowing. Pinterest’s user friendly and visually appealing nature makes it easy to compile all the relevant data (videos, blogs, infographics, and much more) related to your target market.

3. Grow your boards.

On Pinterest, you pin your material onto boards. Create boards for your products, your customers, and just for fun.

Your boards aren’t static. Check them frequently, as they grow.

Karen Leland suggests:

Rearrange your boards. If you want to reorganize the order in which your boards appear, simply place your cursor over your name in the main toolbar in the top right corner of your screen and select “Boards” from the drop-down menu. You’ll now be able to see all your boards. Located just above your boards and smack dab in the middle of the page is the “Edit Profile” button.

Did you know that you can even pin boards onto your website?

Pinterest drives traffic, and as we said: “Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn — combined.”

Get up to speed today; you’ll be pleased you did.


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All About You: Create Profile Pages

No website? I wrote about making money without a website on my freelance writing blog, and received questions about — a site which lets you create profile pages. Here’s my page as an example.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business person, you can create several profiles to target various audiences.

Last Week on the Blog: Google+, Image Marketing, Blogging and More


Here’s a quick roundup of some of last week’s posts. If you haven’t discovered image marketing, these posts will help.

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Image marketing is the hot trend of 2013. Gooogle+ LOVES images, so if you haven’t explored all the image uploading and editing options, get started.

Blogging? Get Inspired by Pinterest, Every Day

Clients are always asking me for content ideas. Often, I’ll recommend Pinterest.

Tip: explore secret boards. You can use secret boards to brainstorm projects, collect material, as reminders, as idea collectors, for your clients, and for upcoming projects.

Small Business Marketing Made Easy: 5 Free Ideas

Looking for free or low-cost marketing ideas? Think about your business first. What interests do your customers have? Market to them where they congregate. These 5 ideas will work for you.

Social Media Kickstart: Top Five Tips for Pinterest Marketing

Looking for new marketing opportunities? Consider Pinterest. This social media website is fast-growing, and addictive. It’s image-focused, so it’s perfect for advertising.

The site’s easy to use, so it won’t take long to get up to speed on how it works, and on how you can best use it for your business.

Blogging: 5 Fast Ways to Get More Business Via Your Blog

Is your blog getting business for you?

While there are many benefits to creating and maintaining a blog (credibility, find-ability, trust), few businesses bite the bullet and commit to getting business via their blog.

Let’s look at how you can put your blog to work.

Hope you enjoyed last week’s posts.

Contact me if you’d like me to cover something specifically for you.
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Small Business Marketing Made Easy: 5 Free Ideas


Looking for free or low-cost marketing ideas? You need strategies which are not only cheap, but which are also easy to implement.

Before you get started, think about your business. What interests do your customers have? Market to them where they congregate. When you’re marketing, you have to be visible where they are. A friend runs a hairdressing salon. She sponsors a junior sports team.

Let’s look at five low-cost ideas.

1. Make Friends and Influence People: Dive Into Social Media

Here’s a secret: you’ll get the best results from social media if you choose a network you like, and have a plan.

Don’t try to be everywhere. Ask your customers which network they use. If your customers aren’t using Twitter or Facebook, you need to know that. You can still use these networks to develop contacts.

2. Are Your Customers On Forums? If They Are, Use Forum Marketing

Forums have existed as long as the Internet. People congregate to chat about their passions, and to get information. For example, when I decided to switch from PCs to Macs in 2005, I joined a popular Mac forum. I got encouragement and great information.

3. Press Releases: Get Into the News

Free publicity is golden. It can take your business to a whole new level. But it’s a little like winning the lottery. You’ve got to buy a ticket. Press releases can be your tickets to a windfall of free publicity.

4. Advertise Using Information With “Native Advertising”

Big brands are investing heavily in “native advertising.” This form of advertising is old-school advertorials updated.

The brands using it dispute this. Nevertheless, that’s what is is: advertorials are camouflaged to look like editorial content.

You can use native advertising too. Remember, your advertising is mimicking editorial content. It slots seamlessly into the platform on which it appears.

5. “You Are Here”: Advertise Using Images

Image advertising is fun, powerful… and best of for small biz people like us, it’s easy.

Google+ and other social media sites make it easy to use images. In its latest update, Google+ showcases images beautifully, and even provides tools to edit your images after you upload them. Images with quotes are popular, and they don’t take long to create. You can use your own photos, or source them from sites, Be sure that the images you choose have Creative Commons (free to use) licenses.

No images? Check your phone. These days, cell phone cameras create images which display well on the Web. Choose a photo, add your quote, upload it, and you’re done.

So there you have it: five low-cost marketing ideas you can use today.

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