Link-building: Crafting links that benefit you long-term

The Web is all about links — no links, no Internet.

Great link-building advice you can implement in this roundup piece from the recent PubCon:

Attendees of the Link Building session were invited to make their URLs available to the speaker panel for review of their linking structure. Byron White, president and founder of, immediately took aim at popups, the scourge of Internet users and cause for immediate banning from Google’s AdSense program.

Although popups and similar nasties can have short-term benefits (hey, you might actually get another name for your email list), who cares? Your goal with any site should always be SALES, and sales come from repeat visitors. Get in your visitors’ face too much and you’ll never see them again.

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Focus on your goals when choosing a domain name for your new site

When you’re choosing a domain name for a new site, you’ve got many options. Will you go for a name that defines your Unique Selling Point (USP) or a generic, catchy name that you can turn into a brand?

Seth Godin has a great post, The New Rules of Naming, in which he outlines the process he went through in naming a site.

Before you start thinking too deeply about names, work on your strategy.

What is your primary goal for the site? Sales — if so, sales of what? Marketing — what are you marketing?

When you’ve selected your primary goal for the site, you’ll have the key for choosing a great name.

Beyond the name, focus on creating a QUALITY site. There’s so much rubbish online that, as Aaron Wall points out:
If you are creating something of quality over 99% of the competing pages for any phrase are going to be of zero significance.