Do You Need a Copywriter? Not For the Basics

Not that I’m trying to do myself out of a job, but you don’t need a copywriter for basic advertising.

Think about the pain your products solve, and you’re good to go.

As I said in this blog post,Copywriting – Write Ads That Get Customers and Cash Fast | Angela Booth’s Creativity Factory:

Got Benefits? Now You Can Use Headline, Pain, Solution, Action

Your ad’s headline does two things: it stops your customer in his tracks, and classifies him. When he stops and reads ‘Dog Arthritis? Your Faithful Friend Rests Easy On Our Dog Beds’, the customer will keep reading if he’s your target audience.”

Magazine Advertising: Magazines Reaching New Audience Via iPad

It appears that magazine publishers are reaching a new audience via tablet computers.

Here’s an interesting article, Popular Science iPad Subscribers are 95% New Readers | MediaWorks – Advertising Age, which reports :

“We are excited to report that we’re getting a totally new audience in our tablet editions. At Popular Science the data has proven that 2.1% of the email addresses that we have for our iPad subscribers match active print subscribers while 2.7% match expired print subscribers. So that says to us that something on the order of 95% of the iPad subscribers are new to subscribing to Popular Science.”

As other magazines prepare digital editions, it opens up new vistas for advertisers.

I’m sure magazines will be hustling to get the demographics. Even if you’ve never considered magazine advertising, this is definitely an area to watch. Everything depends on how responsive those new subscribers are, of course.

Information Marketing: Free Advertising for Your Business

Articles provide free advertising

Want free advertising for your business? Articles are the answer. Unlike paid advertising, articles will keep on selling for you for years.

While informing and entertaining site visitors, you can encourage them to buy.

Contact Angela for more information on marketing your business via articles.