Content Marketing – Use Content to Sell

You’re running a business. You need to make sales. For many years, advertising helped you to make those sales. Unfortunately, conventional advertising is no longer as effective as it once was. You’re spending more, and making less income. It’s time you learned about content marketing.

What’s Content Marketing?

Many companies are shifting to content marketing. Traditional advertising, based on the interruption model, is no longer effective. Not only is the audience segmented widely, but the audience is no longer reacting in the way it used to.

Content marketing is simply marketing by using content. This content can be in the form on informational articles, entertaining videos, custom publishing of magazines, and blogs, or other forms of content.

How Can You Use It?

One of the major benefits of content marketing is that content, at least compared to traditional advertising, is very cheap to produce. This means that you can test content marketing in various ways, and select methods which produce the best results for you.

Start out by using content marketing to support traditional advertising you’re using. For example, if you’re running a radio or TV campaign, set up a website for it first. Create a blog, and build some social media marketing accounts. If you set up these forms of content before your campaign goes live, you’ll be able to test the results you’ve achieved.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until you’re launching a new campaign. If you don’t have a company blog, create one now. A blog is a form of content marketing, and it will allow you to test its effectiveness slowly, without investing a great deal of time and money.

What Results Can You Expect?

The results may surprise you. Of course it depends on the industry and you’re in, but some companies report that they’re achieving the results they want by spending only 20 per cent of what they’d usually expect to spend on traditional advertising.

Over the past ten years, the gradual shift to content marketing has begun. In the vanguard were companies which invested in blogging and other social media. Over the past couple of years, more and more companies are realizing the effectiveness of marketing using content. Perhaps it’s time you tested this new form of marketing too.

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Publish Content: How to Boost Your Business and Sell More When You Give Away Information


Over the past several years, content marketing’s popularity has soared, but there are doubters. Can you really sell more when you give away information? The answer is yes. Newspapers and magazines have been doing it for years. The content in these publications depends on the advertisers. If the advertisers didn’t exist, neither would the publications.

Publishing content¬†works for businesses small and large. I’ve been using content marketing myself for years, and have promoted this inexpensive form of advertising to my copywriting clients. They’ve all been pleased with the results, because unlike advertising, which stops when you stop paying, your content will keep selling for you for years.

Let’s look at how you can boost your business and sell more when you give away information.

1. Think About Your Market: Educate Your Prospects

What do you wish your customers and prospects knew about your products? Content marketing gives you a chance to inform them.

Everyone needs information to make decisions. Unfortunately information is often difficult to come by, despite the global use of the Internet. The more information you can give your prospects and the more knowledgeable they are, the more products you will sell.

2. Integrate Your Content Marketing With All Your Marketing Efforts, and with Your Website

I see many sites hiding their articles away in an “articles” directory. This is a missed opportunity, from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint.

Integrate your content with your site. Big tip: don’t isolate your articles in your blog — link back to your primary site, always.

3. Promote Your Content on Your Website and Elsewhere: Create and Use a Mailing List

Very few businesses have a mailing list. Those businesses which do collect customer information, rarely contact their customers.

It’s amazing to me that these businesses would rather spend many thousands of dollars attracting new customers, when they have customers who’ve already purchased from them, and no doubt would purchase again, if they were given the opportunity.

In these tough economic times, no one wants to throw money away. Therefore consider using your content to build and maintain a mailing list. These days such a database costs very little, but it can be powerfully effective — if you use it.

Whenever you write a new article, send your article to your list of subscribers. You’re building a relationship based on trust and credibility, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your bottom line.

Information sells. Use content as advertising. We’ve spoken of “native advertising”… let your content SELL.