Promote Your Writing In Any Way You Can

A reader asked how to promote your writing, when you write more and more. You can promote everything, it takes too much time. She was asking about promoting ebooks, specifically. She’s written around 15.

It’s a challenge. Do the best you can. With ebooks, you can try:

  • Bundling them. Try compiling three or more ebooks which are related into a new ebook. Don’t remove the original ebooks from sale;

  • Scheduling promotions for older ebooks;

  • Boost your mailing list for your newer ebooks by offering some older ebooks as freebies;

  • If you’re writing nonfiction, revise and update your ebooks. If you change enough of the material, you can turn an ebook into a new product;

  • Social media is your friend. Blog, and post. Develop new materials to help promote your older ebooks;

  • Advertise. Give older ebooks a push by running paid promotions.

Promote in any way you can. What you do doesn’t matter; do anything you like.

“I’ve got too much stuff to promote!” is a wonderful challenge to have… It means you’re productive, and are making money. Kudos to you. :-)


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How to profit from your writing: online store.

Selz: Online Selling Made Easy, Even for Digital Downloads

Selz: Selling online made simple
Selz: Selling online made simple

Want to sell stuff online? You have lots of options, starting with big sites like Amazon and eBay. You can sell single items there, and set up a store. The challenge with large sites is that they have rigid requirements, and also have fees which mount up.

You can also sell from your own website. But setting up an ecommerce cart, and a payment system is a challenge. It takes time, and requires technical expertise.

There’s a clever, simple and sophisticated alternative. No matter whether you want to sell just a couple of items, or whether you want a complete online store, you can now sell online without hassles.

Selz is a new online payment processor, which adjusts perfectly to your needs. One of the biggest benefits of selling with Selz is that there’s no interruption to the buying process, as there can be when buyers are forced to log in to a payment processor like PayPal. Interruptions lead to lost sales.

Selz is a snap: sell all over the world

Selz manages 190 currencies seamlessly, so no matter where you are in the world, you can use Selz, and you become a global seller.

I’ve been selling online for well over a decade, and over the years, I’ve tried many different sales options. Not a single one of them has been as simple to set up and use as Selz.

In this article, I covered how to sell on Selz:

  1. Click the “+Sell an Item” button on your dashboard
  2. Choose whether you want to sell a physical item, or a digital item
  3. Add your item details

You can offer your products for sale in minutes.

What products? Anything you like. Sell that lurid shirt you got as a gift, your collection of designer handbags, or digital downloads like ebooks, videos and MP3s.

Selz is your online store: add it to Facebook

As soon as you create an item in Selz, you’ve created your own online store. You can promote individual items in your store, or you can promote your store as a whole. You can even add your store to a Facebook page.

Here’s my store, added to my Facebook page.

My Selz store, added to my Facebook page
My Selz store, added to my Facebook page

If you have a website, it’s simple to add a Selz Buy button, or a widget, wherever you want to place them. For example, add them to a HTML page, or to your WordPress or other blog. I’ve added Selz items to my WordPress and Typepad blogs. You just copy the code and paste it into a widget on your website.

Easily sell digital downloads with Selz

If you’re a magician or a writer, Selz automates your sales and delivery. Just add your item, upload it to Selz, and you’re good to go. Selz handles large files too; up to four gigabytes.

I’m moving many of my products to Selz, because it’s so easy to use, and promote, items.

What can you sell on Selz?

You just sell just about anything. Explore the Selz Blog, for seller stories.

Online Sales Made Easy With Selz: It’s FAST

Sells Backend
The backend of Selz: sales simplicity

Does the thought of selling online make you jittery? From working with my writing students, I know that the idea of selling online can be intimidating.

However, it’s getting MUCH easier. I recently discovered Selz.

As I said in this post, Aussie Small Business: Buyer Payments Without Hassle:

“Selz — sell everywhere, sell from your blog or even from Facebook

You can sell both physical and downloadable products via Selz. Pricing is easy: it’s 5% plus 50 cents per transaction — no monthly fees.”

I just uploaded my first product, and it’s so simple you can do it in your sleep.

Once you’ve signed up, and have entered the details of where you want to be paid, you’re ready to sell. Selz pays buyers every two weeks. Australians are paid directly into their bank accounts, other sellers are paid via PayPal.

How to sell on Selz

1. Click the “+Sell an Item” button on your dashboard

2. Choose whether you want to sell a physical item, or a digital item

3. Add your item details

Add item details

As you can see in the image above, you can drag in a graphic for your product.

Then add the details.

If you’re selling a digital product, you get another screen so you can upload your item. Selz will accept most digital files, with a maximum size of four gigabytes. Most of your products will be way under four gigs.

4. Sell on your website, on social media, or on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

You can sell via Selz pretty much from everywhere. You can even set up your own Selz store on A Facebook page.

Here’s what a Selz Store looks like

I’ve just started using Selz; I love it. It’s easy, and FAST.

Here’s my store on Selz.

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What Will You Call Your New Business?

Business Names: Chanel
Can’t think of a business name? What about your surname?

You’re starting a new business. What will you call it?

After you brainstorm, and have some hot contenders, don’t forget this tip from: 3 tips for choosing a name for your startup business | MYOB Blog:

“Make sure you can get the domain name.

This will probably be the ultimate determinant as to which name you go for; you might have a brilliant name for your business, but if you can’t make it work from a web domain perspective, then you’re pretty much back to square one.”

Yes — get the domain name.

An aside re domains: you are developing a website, aren’t you? Craig Reardon reports:

According to the latest MYOB Business Monitor, Australian SMEs operating a website numbered a paltry 38% – 2% higher than the same time the year before, but a whopping 9% lower than the peak of 47% in October 2010.

Tsk, tsp… (yes, that’s me, tutting.) If you’re thinking of foregoing a website, shame on you. Social media can’t replace your business’s home on the Web. Social media is ephemeral. You have no control over what happens there.

OK, mini-rant over, back to business names.

Here are some ideas to help you to choose the perfect name.

What’s YOUR name? Use your own name as the business’s name

As with Chanel, you can’t really go wrong using your own name. If it’s a common name — or if someone’s already trademarked it — you’ll need to tinker with it. Just add another word or two. :-)

Combine two words

It worked for the Eveready Battery Company, and for many other businesses.

Just brainstorm lists of words associated with what you do. I’ve found it helps to create a giant list of words on a whiteboard, and leave them up for a few days.

No whiteboard? Get a couple of pads of sticky notes, and write a word on each note. Stick the notes onto the wall, where you can study them.

Snicker — here’s Sheldon and Raj, studying…

Just look at the words, for a couple of minutes, and then go on with your day. You’ll find that your subconscious mind gets in on the act, and the perfect name will come to you as a sudden inspiration.

Go for a weird name

You can’t get much weirder than “Google” or for that matter, “Apple” as the name of a computer company.

Spend a little time studying mythology. I’ve got a couple of very old books I received as presents in my teens. I often use them for naming purposes. You’ll find lots of mythology books in the Reference section of your local library. You can also use free texts from Project Gutenberg; example: Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens.

A tip: be wary of using foreign terms as a name. If you don’t speak a language, you won’t be aware of slang terms in that language. The name you choose could have a lovely dictionary definition, but mean something totally different to native speakers. The results can be… unfortunate. Yes, it happens. I know of a couple of cases, but my lips are sealed.:-)

Naming your new business is just as much fun — or more fun, than naming a baby. Good luck with it. :-)

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