Book Coaching FAQ

Got questions about book coaching?

You’ve asked…

Q: What if I haven’t started my book yet? Can I get coaching?

A: Certainly. In many ways, getting coaching before you start writing ensures that your book will be successful.

Ideas need to be slanted, so that they appeal to the widest possible audience.

We’ll do some research, to see what books are selling in your topic area or genre if you’re writing fiction. Then we’ll develop an outline for your book together.

Q: I want to get a literary agent. Can you help?

A: Yes. If you want to be traditionally published, we’ll help you to creating an appealing book proposal which will sell your book.

We’ll also help you to research agents, so that you approach agents who’ll be interested in your book.

Q: Will you edit my book?

A: Currently, we don’t offer editing services.

You’ll find many editors online who’ll be happy to help you to edit your fiction or nonfiction.

Q: I have a series of lectures and presentations I want to turn into a book. Can you help?

A: Certainly. We’ll help you to focus your material so that it works as a book, and will help you to organize your material. You’ll need introductory material, as well as transitions.

If you don’t have time to write your book, we’ll find a ghostwriter for you, and will manage the project until your book is published and printed.

Q: Can you help me to publish to Amazon and the other online bookstores?

A: Certainly. We can format your book, upload it to the various platforms, and advise on pricing.

If needed, we’ll choose categories for you, and write the book description, as well as the material for your Author page.

Now it’s your turn. Ask a question, or choose your book coaching program.

Check out our Just Write a Book Blog, for writing help.

Please ask at anytime, if you have a question. We’re always available. If I’m out of the office, my assistant Julia will be touch, usually within hours.