Creating Websites The Easy Way

Creating Websites The Easy Way

If creating websites is part of your job, you want to do it the easiest way possible. I’ve recently become a fan of template-based website-creation tool Squarespace.

After using it, I was so impressed I transferred my writing classes website to the platform. My reasons included: ease of use, as well as easy commerce. By the way, I have no connection to Squarespace, I just like the product.

Easy one-page websites that look great on any device

Squarespace is great for one-page websites:

What’s a “one-page” website?

Just what it says. A single page. A website which consists of one page minimizes distractions. You have just the one page, with one (and only one) message. Clutter, such as navigation controls, has gone.

A decade ago, these kinds of pages were called “buy or leave” sales pages, and that sums it up. You give the visitors to your page just enough information for them to take action on what you offer.

Squarespace calls them Cover Pages; you can have a “website” set up in minutes. You can create as many one-pagers as you like. They’re great for sales pages, because there’s nothing to distract your customers.

Set up a store too, fast

Squarespace’s easy commerce is also useful if you just want to sell something, and do it fast. It’s great for digital downloads; just upload your file, and create a new product.

Apps: manage your website on the go

Squarespace has a good suite of tools to help you when you’re out and about. Blog, check your metrics, or just make a note.

I’m always looking for ways to be more productive. Squarespace helps. Check it out.

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Author: Angela Booth

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