Freeform Bullet Journal Tips

Freeform Bullet Journal Tips

Several readers have asked me for bullet journal tips. I said: “Do it the way that makes the most sense for you.” That’s the beauty of bullet journaling, you can do what you like. You’re not constrained to dinky little boxes, or even to a day per page. And you can use as many pages as you like per day, and can be as messy, or as structured, as you please.

If you’re new to bullet journaling, check out the website; it will get you started.

Here’s why I love bullet journaling: it’s totally freeform. Some people paste monthly calendars into their journals, others develop their own signifiers, and others have a home journal, and a work journal.

You’ll decide whether you like the system within a day or two. You should be more productive, and less stressed, and you’ll soon develop little strategies that work for you.

So here are some tips which work for me, after a few months of bullet journaling.

1. Be Messy, if It Works for You

This morning, I glued a page of notes into my bullet journal, and for just a moment, I thought: “Oh no — I shouldn’t be doing this…” I got over it very quickly. You can do anything you choose. It’s your journal. Paste on sticky notes, paste in pages, use tabs prolifically, as I do, or not.

Your bullet journal can be all business, or you may doodle across the pages… it’s up to you.

2. Keep Your Index Up to Date, if You Journal a Lot

Although I don’t journal in my bullet journal, I do make lots of notes. This means that often I’ll use three or four pages for a single day. That’s OK.

I also have lots of collections. (A collection is a two-page spread devoted to a single topic.)

Currently my BuJo is a Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines A5 notebook. Originally, my intention was to snap BuJo pages into Evernote, for a digital record. As it turned out, I’ve only snapped two pages into Evernote, and those didn’t turn out well, because I used coffee-colored ink on the pages. (If you use Whitelines Link, the pages reproduce more effectively if you use dark blue or black ink.)

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks usually have numbered pages; this A5 hasn’t, so I’ve had to write them in. It’s not a big thing, but if the pages weren’t numbered, I wouldn’t be able to find things easily. Each week, I add relevant material to the index, and review my collections.

Which brings us to the most important tip…

3. Review Your Bullet Journal Regularly

I review at the end of each week. I draw a diagonal pencil line across collection pages if the notes have been copied elsewhere, and if the tasks have all been done. I also cross out a completed collection’s entry in the index.

Each Sunday, I created a new “This Week” collection, with appointments, tasks and notes for the coming week.

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