Blogging Tips: 3 Ways to Get Results From Your Blog

Blogging Tips: 3 Ways to Get Results From Your Blog

You’ve created a blog, or want to create one. Hundreds of thousand of blogs are created every day. Most wither and die. Let’s look at three vital blogging tips which will help you to grow your blog, and get results from it.

Some 15 years ago, when I started blogging, I wish I knew what I know now… Consider this. Blogging is instant publishing. When you hit the Publish button on a post, millions of people can see it. (They won’t, but the potential is there.)

1. Know What You Want to Achieve

If you decide what you want to achieve with your blog, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. When a blog is abandoned, it’s because the owner decided that that blog is “useless”. Which is ironic. He never decided on his blog’s purpose in the first place.

Decide what you want, before you create your blog. You may want to promote your book. Or display your online portfolio. Or perhaps you want to sell hand-crafted leather goods. Or vintage glass.

Tip: write down what you want. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can wander from the point with a blog.

2. Create a Mailing List Before You Publish Your First Blog Post

You know what you want to achieve, so you know your audience. Before you publish your first post, create a mailing list. I’ve used aweber for over a decade, but there are many providers.

Once when I suggested this to a student, he wailed: “But now I have to create an ebook!”

No, you don’t. You don’t have to create an inducement right away. Eventually you may do, but your first step is to create the mailing list. Your blog’s traffic arrives, and leaves. You need a way to get in touch with those visitors again.

People don’t always want inducements. Sometimes they just want to hear from you. I’m always amazed when I visit a blog, decide I want updates from the blog’s author, and then find that there’s no way to sign up to a list. Yes, I could add the blog to Feedly, but I don’t always have the time for that.

3. Sell Something From Your Very First Blog Post

When I’m coaching students, if the student has a blog, at least 75 per cent of the time there’s no way for anyone to do anything on the blog, except read the content.

Content is essential, but whatever you’re selling, start selling it immediately.

If you’re selling a book, and are still writing it, post a little blurb: “Sign up to receive excerpts from my new thriller, Mayhem in Marsfield.”

If you’re using your blog as a portfolio, grab a theme which is designed to present your portfolio.

Similarly, if you’re selling physical goods; set up your online store, and be ready for sales as soon as you publish your first post.

When I share this tip, a student might say: “Yes, but I thought I had to have ten posts…” A couple of years ago, that was a good idea. Google and the other search engines needed time to index your blog — content helped them to find you, and do that. However, today, with the proliferation of social media, much of the Web is real-time.

You can get results from your blog from the first day; these tips help you to do that. Keep this acronym in mind, GLS:

  • Goal
  • List
  • Sales

I’ve mentioned that it’s easy to wander off the point when you blog. If you feel that you’re missed something, check your GLS. Once they’re in place, you can move ahead with confidence.

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Author: Angela Booth

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