Writing Journal 54: Sunday Planning

Writing Journal 54: Sunday Planning

My writing journal for Sunday, October 5, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

I usually get up at five in the morning, to write. Today, I didn’t get up until six. Or at least I thought it was six. It was seven, thanks to daylight saving. (Sigh.) Usually, I’m well aware of the date the clocks move forward; this time I missed it. Not to worry.

So, I decided to give the mystery novel a pass this morning. I wrote memos for yesterday’s coaching students, and sent them the links to their MP3 files. I love coaching; it’s wonderful to give students a new perspective on what they’re doing, to inspire and motivate them.

I fix Honey’s breakfast, and my own. Since there are lots of student exercises and short stories to review today, I read them while I eat my toast. I scribble a few notes for Julia, so she can write up the feedback for the exercises.

After a short walk, I come back and do more on the company history. The words won’t come; it’s a real hassle. You get days like this; there’s not much you can do. So I create a couple of cluster diagrams to sum up the material for the next couple of chapters. I’ll need to speak to the client again, so I create a reminder so that Julia can organize it.

It’s time to head out for my Sunday commitments. When I get back, I’ll need to focus on clients’ blogs, as well as my own. I’m creating a new website/ blog of a my own, so I need to map out a program of content for that, too.


Sunday Planning

Back again. It’s late afternoon, and time to plan the week’s projects, and blog posts for clients. I checked my own blogs last night, and have enough blog posts lined up for them. Nevertheless, I create several more draft posts.

Most of my planning happens in Evernote, as we looked at yesterday. I’ve created a “client blogging” notebook for clients’ blogs.

For some clients, where I need to chase up lots of information, I create a shared Evernote notebook. That means that the client can dump images and information into the shared notebook, so they’re ready for me to use. If you’re not familiar with shared notebooks, here’s some information on them.

Evernote has a a limit of 250 notebooks, so I delete shared notebooks when a project’s done. I like to keep my note count down, too. Theoretically, you can have up to 100K notes in a Premium account, and 500K notes in a Business account. In practice, I like to keep the note count under 10,000. Occasionally I’ve had to restore an account, and it can take a long time with many thousands of notes.

I brainstorm blog post ideas in Evernote, then write blog posts directly into WordPress’s editor, via Markdown. Over the years, I’ve looked at many different desktop editors. However, it’s very hard to get the SEO right outside the WordPress editor. And, I blog for lots of blogs, which inevitably leads to the desktop editor choking, sooner or later.

When I draft directly into WordPress, I can upload media in advance, so that images and PDFs are ready to insert into posts in the draft stage.

Upcoming programs

With the blog planning, and other scheduling done, I look at our upcoming programs. There’s a couple I need to complete, so I do some work on those.

Finally, it’s time to close things down for the day. Everything’s ready for the coming week.

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