Writing Journal 53: Evernote for Everything

Writing Journal 53: Evernote for Everything

My writing journal for Saturday, October 4, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

It’s the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are both short writing days for me. I try to get something done on longer projects, as well as winding up the short projects I’ve been working on during the week.

As usual, I begin the day with fiction.

The client for whom I’m writing the mystery got back to me; he’s happy about my choice of sleuth. Unfortunately, I’m not. I woke up this morning feeling distinctly uninspired. I ended up just reading through the material I created, and making some notes. I’ve no idea why I was pleased with the sleuth yesterday, and not today. If I don’t get a better idea, I’ll go with what I have.

I hope that is “meh” feeling will pass. No publishable words, just notes. I don’t count those in my daily word counts.

Onward to nonfiction: the company history; I manage 1,800 words, and do a quick reread of a couple of chapters.

Breakfast. First breakfast for Honey, and then my own, while reading email. I’m still a little behind, so I spend a couple of timer sessions responding to students.

Time for my walk. It’s supposed to be 27 Celsius today; that’s 80 degrees in Fahrenheit. Lots of birds around, mainly Eastern Rosellas.

Back from my walk. I need to prepare for a couple of coaching calls late this afternoon.

Then it’s time for my Saturday errands.

Back again. Just a few minutes until the two coaching calls.

Once they’re done, it’s late, so Saturday is done too.

Evernote for Everything

A reader ask about Evernote for writing. When I say for “everything” that’s what I mean. I use it for writing, of course. I have a Drafts notebook, which contains all my draft ideas, draft writing, and writing for client projects. I can work on projects anywhere. Since I write in Markdown, HTML is just a copy and paste away, as is MS Doc, and PDF.

Evernote would be a perfect writing environment if there were a visible word count. As things stand you have to open a note’s information panel to check the number of words.

Try it yourself, if you like to have everything you’re working on in reach, no matter where you are. I love Evernote; I’ve used it since 2009. The more you use it, the better it becomes. You can start a note, and Evernote will show you related notes. This can be amazing; it surfaces material you’ve long forgotten.

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