Writing Journal 45: It’s Friday

Writing Journal 45: It’s Friday

My writing journal for Friday, September 26, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

I’m eager to get the ghostwriting client’s final novella off to the contract editor, so I make a determined start on that this morning. I’d like to send it off by Monday, if I can. This morning, I focus on the big picture. There are a couple of holes in characters’ arcs, so they need to be fixed.

For my nonfiction push this morning, I’m working on the company history, and the ebook freebie, with 1,000 and 2,000 words respectively. Julia can proof the draft, and send the freebie to the client for feedback.

Next, Honey’s breakfast. She’s turning into a fussy eater; she has her favorite brands of dog food, but she insists on human food too. (She doesn’t get it.) Then my own breakfast, while reading email. I save a lot of it for Julia to manage. Just a few more memos to students tonight, and I’ll be all caught up. Happy days. :-)

The book proposal I’m ghostwriting for the memoir is coming along well. I create an overview, so that Julia can send that to the client for feedback.

It’s Friday, so we need to get in touch with clients to let them know how their projects are progressing, as well as work on clients’ blog posts. That will take me most of the morning, and some of the afternoon.

I blog for an hour, then head out for my walk. The sun’s shining after yesterday’s rain.

More blogging, and then it’s time for our Friday lunch. I need to call in at the library too, to check a couple of databases.

I’m back again; more blogging, then a couple of proposals.

A marketing plan for a client’s new business

This proposal is for a marketing plan for a new business which is opening next month, just in time for holiday sales. I need to do some research about his market first. I make a few notes, so that I can do some research over the weekend.

It’s Friday, which means the usual wrap-up of the week’s projects and events. I make some client calls, and send quick reports to a couple of clients.

Yes, the bullet journal’s amazingly useful

A reader asked about my bullet journal — does it really work? Yes, it’s working brilliantly. I like to see my tasks, appointments, and notes in a notebook. Well, the overflow, of them anyway. Evernote is still my home, so to speak.

However, I retired OmniFocus out of my management tools yesterday. So now I have: Evernote, the bullet journal, Things, and DevonThink.

Here’s the workflow for handwritten notes I need to keep: photograph into Evernote, trim the note in Acorn (image editor), save the note to the desktop, and drag into DevonThink. I’m using DevonThink again for the AI benefits.

A couple of years ago I did three books which were research-intensive; DevonThink’s artificial intelligence made the work easier. I did my thinking in DevonThink, and the writing in Scrivener. :-)

The day’s done, and so’s the week. I do my daily review, and total my word count.

Yes, I love questions, please ask!

I ramble on, and from my email and chats, I know you’re shy about asking questions. Please ask me anything you like. I’m happy to share.

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