Writing Journal 30: Fiction Tips Series

Writing Journal 30: Fiction Tips Series

My writing journal for Thursday, September 11, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

Started the day writing fiction and nonfiction. This is my default. I like to get the most creative forms of writing out of the way before the day really starts. I managed 1,800 words on the novella, and 2,800 of nonfiction.

Last night, I spent a couple of hours catching up with student email, and then created the first set of questions for the company history ghostwriting project. Julia set up a time for me to chat to my primary contact later today. So I’ll start on the project tomorrow.

It’s time for Honey’s breakfast. She’s been a lot livelier the past couple of days because the weather’s warming up. Then my own breakfast, while catching up with today’s email.

And it’s time for my walk… The sun’s shining, all is well with the world. :-)

Fiction tips: backstory

Back again, and it’s time to create some more draft posts for my own blogs, and for clients’ blogs. I’m writing some tips posts on the Just Write a Book Blog for writers who are doing NaNoWriMo in November. Wonderful as NaNoWriMo is for writers, it can be dispiriting when a writer ends up with 50,000 words and tries to edit them into coherence.

Apropos of that, we’ll have a NaNoWriMo Preparation Workshop in October. A little planning goes a long way toward ensuring that your output in November builds a great novel.

The first fiction tip, on backstory in fiction has just been published.

I spent a couple of timer sessions creating draft posts, and checked the blogs for older posts which should be revised. I’ve got a mass of older posts on the freelance writing blog. That blog is over eight years old. I love blogging, but keeping up with a blog’s archive as the years go on is a real challenge.

Next, it’s time for the first chat with my ghostwriting client for whom I’m writing a company history. We talk for almost an hour. I like to keep interviews to half an hour; it’s easier for clients. However, we covered lots of ground. I’ve got enough now to outline the history, and draft the first chapter. I’m glad I called in at the library yesterday for background material.

Lunchtime. I’ve got a meeting this afternoon, so I’ll grab a quick sandwich in a coffee shop. I need to brainstorm some material, and I think better when I’m out of the office.

Writing Web content

I’m back; it’s mid-afternoon. I need to keep going on the Web content for the new product-launch website, so I can get the draft done today.

Done! Julia can proof it and send it off to the client for his review. I’m glad that’s out of the way.

The pitch presentation’s almost done. I add a couple more slides, and that can go off for a client review too.

I’d love to write another “Christmas” short story, but I can do that tonight. For now, I need to read over my notes from the long interview this morning, and start on an outline. Biographical ghostwriting projects always take longer than you’d think, because it’s hard to know how information you’ll need, and then you have lots of questions which only the client can answer.

Rats, a headache. I hate taking any kind of medication. I’ll take a break now, and play with Honey in the garden. Fresh air always helps.

I’m back. It’s time to prepare tomorrow’s schedule and review the day’s output. Today’s word counts are very good, and that’s the end of another working day.

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