Writing Journal 28: Copywriting, Fiction, and Apps

Writing Journal 28: Copywriting, Fiction, and Apps

My writing journal for Tuesday, September 9, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

I didn’t get to my novella last night; I spent the evening reviewing students’ stories, then chatted with two students about their writing. It was huge fun, but I felt guilty for not working on the novella.

So, with all the guilt, I put my head down and WROTE this morning. I managed 2,800 words. With any luck at all, and with a couple of long sessions, I should manage to complete the novella by early next week.

Amazingly, the nonfiction book flowed well too — 1,600 words. I received responses to some research queries I sent the client. I’ll add that material in the next draft.

Honey’s arthritis was bad this morning, but it’s supposed to be a warm day, so that should help. The cold weather’s been hard on her. She had breakfast while I burned through email. It was reasonably light this morning. I made notes for Julia to respond to important messages.

The new-product website

I need to get this Web content done. Julia managed to schedule a couple of calls to subject matter experts for this morning, so that’s great. If we can get the research out of the way, I should be able to complete the content within the next couple of days. I’ll be busy with the calls this morning, so I had to move the work on the pitch presentation to this afternoon.

The perils of beta software…

Eeeek! I should know better. I installed the latest beta of Evernote as soon as Evernote told me it was available. Horrors… it decided that it needed to migrate my notes to the latest version. Judging by the progress bar, the migration looked as if it would take HOURS. Thankfully, it only took 15 minutes — just long enough for me to panic. :-) Note to self — install software at the end of the working day.

I wrap up email, and head out for my walk.

I’m back, and the phone calls are done, so I need to dive into the product launch website.

Lunch at my computer today, then the pitch presentation.

Pitch presentation

I’ve done the research, so I create a couple of cluster diagrams to develop some inspiration. I’ve got a great tagline, and theme. This means I can move right ahead on it.

Mid-afternoon, it’s time for email again, and to catch up on phone calls.

Then, some reading. But…

Newsreader software: the pain…

I tried to open ReadKit; no luck. Ditto with Reeder. (Sigh). I need a newsreader which isn’t a royal pain; I’ve tried various apps since Google Reader died last year. Feedly’s good, but messy to read in a browser.

So I downloaded Leaf (Mac.) So far, so good. I like the minimalist interface. Time will tell.

I’ve just checked the list of non-urgent emails, and they’re mounting up. Please be patient if you don’t get a response immediately.

Slow on email, sorry

If you’ve sent me a message, please be aware that I’m running some 72 hours behind on non-urgent email. If you’re a client, or a student, and neither Julia nor I have replied to you within 12 hours, please resend the message. We’re using a combo of Gmail, Mac Mail, and Mailbox. A message went missing on the weekend, so if you need a response quickly, please resend your message, or call.

And we’re at the end of the working day. After the daily review, I tot up my word counts. Not overly impressive, but I’m pleased.

Tonight, I’m reading the Christmas short stories I’ve done so far. I’m aiming for 25, for December 25. :-)

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