Writing Journal 17: Web Writing, Fiction, and Parrots

Writing Journal 17:  Web Writing, Fiction, and Parrots

My writing journal for Friday, August 29, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

Rush gig: Web pages for a copywriting client

No fiction or nonfiction this morning. Last night I received a message from a client. He needs a set of Web pages in a hurry. I got up, made coffee, and started working on them immediately.

Result? I feel vaguely disoriented. My mind expects me to open Scrivener and work on my novella, and then the nonfiction book. The boys in the basement are upset. They’re yelling. :-)

I’ve drafted the Web pages, so it’s time to take a break, feed Honey, and check email.

Email: Mailbox is amazingly fast

Mailbox can’t sort my email as Gmail does, so I’m still opening the morning’s email in Gmail. Then I use Mailbox for the rest of the day.

After working with Mailbox throughout the day on my devices and Mac, Gmail-in-browser (Chrome) appears SLOW and sluggish. It’s a relief to close it down.

Mailbox creates its own labels in Gmail. That’s handy, because I can move messages in Gmail to Mailbox labels — Later, To Read — and deal with them in Mailbox.

I read somewhere that the developers wanted Mailbox to be more like messaging than email, and it has that feel. You can draft an email message in Mailbox on Mac, then open Mailbox on the iPad, and the message is there instantly, ready for you to complete and send.

Gmail has the BEST spam control

Using Mailbox has helped me to appreciate Gmail. You can add your iCloud accounts to Mailbox, so I’m seeing more spam than I normally do. All my other email accounts are directed to Gmail, because it detects spam wonderfully well. With Mailbox, you get the iCloud spam, as-is.

Email’s done, so it’s time to have my own breakfast, and then get back to writing the client’s Web pages.

After breakfast, it’s back to the rush copywriting job until it’s time for my walk.

Parrots everywhere: spring is coming

Lots of birds around today, mainly small honey-eating parrots, and the horrible Indian mynahs. They’re called “flying rats” for a reason. Mynahs have bullied native finches out of existence. We used to have finches in abundance, now they’re rare. I haven’t seen any in our garden in at least a couple of years, and that’s sad.

Eastern Rosella

According to Birdlife Australia — the parrots are Eastern Rosellas and Rainbow Lorikeets. They swoop across the road and in and out of bushes. Then they settle to feed on banksia flowers.

The Web pages are proofed, and off to the client.

Lunch at the computer; no time for our usual Friday lunch — and no hummingbird cake. (Sniff.)

After a busy morning, it takes an hour to catch up on email and phone calls.

I complete the draft of an article about Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck has saved me lots of time over the past year.

Back to the novella, at last

My brain’s fuzzy; I’m not in the mood for fiction, but I press on anyway. I read through what I have, make some notes and create a cluster diagram Before I know it, I’ve completed 1200 words.

On to nonfiction. After a couple of timer sessions, 1500 words, which is fine for today.

I need the rest of the afternoon to catch up on admin, so I turn up Spotify, and get on with it. Sigh… I do dislike administrative stuff, but needs must.

Notability arrives for the Mac — good news

One of my favorite iPad apps is available for the Mac. Great news. I use Notability for interviews, as well for planning. TC has an article on it. Apparently it’s popular with students who record lectures and make notes, and lawyers too.

Finally the day’s done. I do the daily review, and total my word count – and the week is done too.

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