Writing Journal 16: Meetings

Writing Journal 16:  Meetings

My writing journal for Thursday, August 28, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

The novella is moving right along

No more hiccups with the novella. I like the world that I’m creating in it. I might set another novella in this particular world. Wrote 1,000 words this morning, even after spending 30 minutes researching old French titles and nobility. I couldn’t put the research off, because it affects the plot.

The nonfiction book is skipping along too; 1,000 words on that. I’ve got a lot to do today, so since the book’s on track, I wanted to get to email quickly.

I like Mailbox in general, but I’m used to Gmail sorting the mail for me. Although I didn’t like Gmail’s tabs initially, I’m used to them, and don’t want to deal with unsorted mail.  So when I saw that I had a couple of hundred messages staring at me this morning in Mailbox, I panicked and opened Gmail.

Once I dealt with the deluge, I went back to Mailbox. I love Mailbox’s idea of having messages pop back into the Inbox later in the day, but I wish that Mailbox would sort the email, as Gmail does.

Mailbox is still in beta however, so I won’t complain too much. I’m sure they’ve got lots of goodies planned. It’s perfect on devices; I used to hate checking email on my phone; Mailbox makes it fast. Elegant.

After spending a timer session responding to messages, I gave Honey her breakfast, and made some notes for Julia.

Next, student emails and projects. I’ve got a couple of meetings today, which means that I’m in a rush to get everything done. I eat breakfast at the computer.

I managed to get a lot done; the rest will have to wait until tomorrow or the weekend.

Out most of the day

Lunch with a writer friend. He’s recently jumped from his magazine writing gig to a gig with a PR company. We chat about Web content, and publishing.

Then off to the the meetings.

They went well, and were fun, but I got back very late.

After I’d returned phone calls, I only had a couple of timer sessions to fill, so I wrote some first draft material on a couple of copywriting projects and the day was over.

Before closing down, I edited the photos of whiteboards etc from the meetings in Evernote. Did you know you can edit images in Evernote very simply?

A quick Evernote tip: photos

After you’ve photographed something with Evernote’s camera, you can edit it inside Evernote, using any image editor on your computer.

Right-click the image, and choose Open With. Choose an image editor, and edit the image in the editor. When you save the image, the image updates itself inside Evernote. It’s fast, it’s brilliant, and it’s one of my favorite Evernote features.

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