Writing Journal 15: Phone Coaching, Mailbox

Writing Journal 15: Phone Coaching, Mailbox

My writing journal for Wednesday, August 27, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

Yes! The words are flowing again

A great writing morning. Up early again, and 1,100 of novella #4 flowed easily. I would have managed more words, but needed to research a couple of character names. I do most research after the first draft, but character names are vital, so I needed to get a couple of 18th century French surnames right.

Next, I focused on the novella’s first two scenes. I gave one of the main characters more to do (rather than just talk), and made him stronger. He’s now got more potential for change, which magically made the later scene, which I wrote today, stronger too. When in doubt, always go back to the beginning. Kick it up a notch.

Tip: when you’re writing fiction, have people do stuff. Don’t just say “he was a mean old man” — show him kicking the cat when no one’s looking.

If you follow the strategies in Authentic Writing, you’ll discover some of these simple tricks for yourself.

I managed 2,000 words of nonfiction. If I keep this up, I’ll finish the ebook before the deadline. That’s always a good thing.

Julia’s sent off novella #3 to the editor. Julia likes the book, so that’s good too.

It rained overnight, and it’s still raining. No time for a walk this morning. I’ve got errands to run, so I need to get some client copywriting projects under way, because I’ll be gone for most of the morning.

This afternoon, I have some client and student coaching. In between all that, I need to work on another couple of blog posts for clients. And complete the client presentation. Another hour on that should do it.

Honey’s arthritis is making her stiff this morning. She still gobbles her breakfast. She’s always been a good eater.

Phone coaching sessions

I had lunch with a friend who runs a local bookkeeping service for small businesses. We talked about Google+, which I enjoy, and which she’s just starting to use.

In the office again, to more email — and a surprise. I received an invitation to the beta of Mailbox for Mac.

Mailbox is owned by Dropbox. If you link Mailbox and Dropbox, you get a free gig of storage. Here’s a review of Mailbox. I like the threading; it’s easier to follow conversations.

First impressions: it feels like Sparrow — an email app I paid for. Then stopped using because of the bugs. Once the bugs were ironed out, Google acquired it. Mailbox is much faster than Sparrow; Sparrow took forever to download emails.

Next, preparation for the coaching sessions, and the sessions themselves.

Then onward to a couple of quick blog posts for clients blogs. They’re already drafted. I added a few paragraphs to each, and they were done and scheduled. They would have been faster, but I had to hunt for images. I meant to find more images last weekend, but didn’t get around to it.

And the day’s done. Daily review; word counts respectable.

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