Writing Journal 14: Editing with Scrivener

Writing Journal 14: Editing with Scrivener

My writing journal for Tuesday, August 26, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

Novella: write and EDIT, again

Up at 5AM, to a very sluggish start. I did a cluster diagram — but the words wouldn’t flow.

I shouldn’t complain. I had a good run, of very good days. :-) It happens like this sometimes. I know what the problem is, I need to get the two main characters from point A, to point D, and the emotional connection isn’t there.

It will come. I know I need to make the beginning stronger. I’ll reread what I have later today. Maybe I’ll be able to write a few more words.

Despite the dribble of words I managed to write 1,000 of them. However, it took me twice as long as usual. At one point, I would have settled for 500 words.

I’m still editing novella #3. I need to get that off to the contracted editor today, so I don’t have time for nonfiction. I’m pleased now that I was ahead of schedule on that book, otherwise I would have been behind.

I’m hoping that a dry spell hasn’t set in. Dry spells happen with your writing occasionally; all you can do is press on.

Time for Honey’s breakfast. It’s raining. How annoying. I need to walk off my bad mood; I shouldn’t get frustrated, but I do. A walk would help.

Email. Then breakfast.

Next, I prepare for a phone coaching session with a writer.

The coaching session goes well. We’ve scheduled a follow-up for the weekend.

I’ve got to complete a presentation for a client this week. I’ve come up with some ideas, so I pitch them to him on the phone.

He chooses the idea he likes. So, I need to draft it, and choose the number of slides, before I worry about design. I’ll be passing this off to a designer. However, it’s easier to give the designer an idea of the feeling I want for each slide by choosing fonts and images which give the right mood, and help convey the message.

I check email, and make some notes, so that Julia can work up the quotes.

Lunch time already. Time for a break to run some errands.

Then back to novella #3. I need to get it done. No excuses. Scrivener makes editing easy. I use the split screen function a lot, and I also have lots of Quick Ref documents open.

How to edit with Scrivener

These edits are taking much longer than I thought they would. I know why — the novella is much longer than I’d imagined it would be.

I wrote a blog post on how to edit fiction with Scrivener.

FINALLY,  it’s done. I send Julia the Scrivener file, so she can do quick read and check, before sending it to the editor.

This editor is fast, so it should be back by the weekend. At that stage, I’ll read through it again, change what needs changing, maybe add a little more material. Then it goes to the proofreader.

What a LONG day. A final check of email, then my daily review, and word counts. Fingers crossed that tomorrow flows more smoothly. :-)

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