Writing Journal 11: Copywriting, Blogs and Clever Traffic Trick

Writing Journal 11: Copywriting, Blogs and Clever Traffic Trick

My writing journal for Friday, August 22, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

The fourth novella is underway; I LIKE these characters

Sometimes you create characters who are fun from the get-go. You know them, and you love them. Sheer happiness. I was right to trash what I’d created originally, to go with this new idea.

Did a cluster diagram for the first scene, then another for the two main characters’ emotional arcs though the book.

Wrote just 1,200 words, but the material’s solid.

A tip: if you cluster before, during, and after a fiction project, you’ll find that it’s easier to get the voice of a character right. You’ll need to tidy up in your second draft, but the voice is there from the start.

Authentic Writing, our new program, helps you to build your clustering skills with lots of how-to and exercises.

Nonfiction, and copywriting…

On to nonfiction. I dug in, and wrote 2,500 words. This book is going to go fast, which is a good thing. More research on the tagline I’m doing for the client, and a cluster diagram, just to see what’s in my head.

Next, Honey’s breakfast, and catching up on email during my own breakfast.

Whew, lots of copywriting, and client blogging to do today. I make a quick cluster on an index card, because I remember visuals more easily than lists.

Which reminds me. I need to get more images. I keep a running list of images I need for current and upcoming projects. The list’s getting too long.

I created a task to explore stock photo libraries on the weekend, to whittle down the list. I also need to email my blogging clients to nag them for PHOTOS. I don’t particularly care what kind of photos, anything will do.

Images are becoming essential for social media. You can’t encourage people to share your content if you ham-string them with image-less content.

Then I make some audio notes in Evernote. It’s often easier just to blurt out my thoughts, rather than write.

Next, my walk, with phone in hand, to make more audio notes, and to check my Reminders in Evernote.

Copywriting and blogging: crack the whip — onward!

I’m back, and it’s a full morning of copywriting projects and blogging.

Get traffic from Slideshare with blog post PDFs

Apropos of blogging, I tried out a little trick that traffic guru Ana Hoffman talked about — turning blog posts into PDFs, and uploading them to Slideshare. I didn’t think it would work as advertised.

It does. It’s EASY. Here’s a link to a slide deck I created from a blog post PDF.

PrintFriendly is an excellent resource too. It creates no-hassle PDFs from Web pages fast. I added the extension to Chrome; very useful.


Heh. Simples (in meerkat voice… )

After I uploaded the PDF, I downloaded it from Slideshare to make sure the links survived when people save the PDF, and they did. :-)

Excellent. Ana always has wonderful ideas. I must remember this simple trick; several of my clients will benefit from it. It takes just a couple of minutes — remember to edit the blog post to add a bio, you can remove it later, and you’re done.


Out of the office, Friday lunch

Julia and I close up and leave for our usual Friday lunch. Excellent… I can indulge my Hummingbird cake addiction. Julia suggests that I make it at home, and kill the addiction by over-indulging. Good idea. :-)

This recipe looks easy.

More blogging and copywriting projects

I return some phone calls, catch up with students on email and Trello, then focus on blogging for clients. I’ve been blogging since 1999, and blogging for clients since 2004. A decade. The mind boggles. I love blogging because it’s instant publishing — and instant gratification too.

Here’s my process:

  1. Create a content calendar for a blog (after a lot of research;)
  2. Develop goals for the blog;
  3. Create draft posts;
  4. Schedule posts to publish.
  5. Schedule on-going research for each blog, and communication with clients. I get in touch at least once week, and I’m copied on all up-coming marketing campaigns. You can’t write blog posts without raw material.

I do the reading and research in the evening; I don’t have time during the day. Evernote is a godsend, because I can clip research into Evernote, so that by the time I’m ready to draft some posts, I have the materials.

Next, it’s time to finish up as many copywriting projects as I can, so that Julia can proof everything.

And we’re done. Daily review and word count: done. Time for the weekend…

I love the meerkat ad. Here you go, if you haven’t seen it…


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