Writing Journal 10: Fiction, Copywriting, and Nonfiction Review

Writing Journal 10: Fiction, Copywriting, and Nonfiction Review

My writing journal for Thursday, August 21, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here.

Fiction: fourth novella started

Early morning start with fiction. Time to begin the new novella. I’d already outlined this novella, but I came up with a fresh idea. So I did an initial cluster diagram for the people and the plot.

It’s a fun and exciting plot, and I adore the main characters. Wrote 600 words; just planning material. Outlined the first scene. It made me laugh out loud when I when I was outlining it, so I’m looking forward to writing it.

I made good use of The Writer’s Digest Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have the hardcover first edition, published in 1994. It went out of print a few years after that, and second-hand copies were selling for hundreds of dollars. That must have inspired the publisher to bring out a second edition; it’s an excellent reference, highly recommended.

Looking for a nonfiction book idea?

If you’re looking for a good nonfiction book idea, here you go: create a character naming book for fiction writers. Not merely lists of names, but also chapters on how to name your characters in various genres.

I did an Amazon search, while there are few reference books on naming characters, genre-specific character naming books should sell well. I’d buy one on naming characters in the various romance genres, for sure.

Since I’ve got a busy couple of days, I’ll save reading and editing the LONG third novella I completed yesterday until the weekend.

I need to get going on this new book. I’ve already second-guessed myself by discarding my first outline. So I want to get it well underway, in case I change my mind again. I also need to get a little distance from third book, so I can see where the holes are.

No time for the nonfiction book this morning. I need to complete a couple of client copywriting projects. I’d hoped to do them yesterday afternoon, but I got back too late.

First one: client’s okayed the sales letter I sent him for review, so I need to write a couple of email messages for him to send to his list.

Second: write some calls to action for a client’s newsletter, plus edit the newsletter so that Julia can format it and send it to the client.

A quick pause to give Honey her breakfast, and have my own.

Then back to the office.

Authentic writing — program page completed, and online

Authentic Writing: Develop Your Writer’s Voice, And Sell

I completed the program page for Authentic Writing: Develop Your Writer’s Voice, And Sell  — it’s now online.

I’m hugely excited about this new program. My coaching students are getting results with the process, and the beta testers did amazingly well with it.

Then, on to email from clients, and students.

I need to return lots of calls since I was out at the on-site yesterday, so that’s next.

A busy morning. I need to clear my mind, so I’m off for a walk… No, I’m not. It’s raining again. Sigh… I’ll go this afternoon. I play some music to clear my mind, and do a cluster diagram of the MUST DO tasks for the day. A couple of ebooks are back from editing, so they take priority.

Next, audios for my coaching students

I enjoy creating videos, but they can be a bear for people to download if they don’t have a reliable connection, or if they’re using a phone or tablet.

After many requests, I’m creating more audios. Audio files are smaller, and as useful as videos, if the accompanying material is outlined in steps.

It’s time to run some errands, and then lunch.

Final review and edits on two ebooks

My editor’s sent her edits on two nonfiction books. She said they’re clean. Just some fact checking, and more explanatory paragraphs needed in some chapters. I want to get them done. Then I can send them off to the beta readers and the client. I’ll need to spend the next few hours on it.

Some writers hate editing. I enjoy it. My only challenge is to stop myself from writing more. I return a phone call. Then I turn on Spotify and dive in.

More phone calls, so I can catch people before they go home for the day. Then back to the edits.

Finally done. I managed to complete a couple of small copywriting projects too, so a very good day.

Oh woe – I never did go for my walk. The horror… Silver lining: at least I got the work done.

Daily review done; word counts done… done for the day. :-)

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