Writing Fiction: You’re a Publisher Now

Writing Fiction: You're a Publisher Now

You’re writing fiction. Start thinking of yourself as a publisher, rather than as an author. Fiction is big business: prepare for success.

Labels are important. I’ve just written about the “copywriting” label on my freelance blog to make that point. If you’re writing fiction now, unless you opt for the traditional publishing route, you’re a publisher.

The “self publisher” label terrifies some writers. It shouldn’t. Believe me, if you ever experience traditional publishing, you’ll more than happy to go it alone. So accept the “self publisher” or “indie” label, and wear it with pride.

Writing, and Publishing: Create and Promote.

Here’s how self publishing works.

  • You write something;
  • You upload it to Amazon;
  • Done.

Does it sound simple? That’s because it is. There are endless misconceptions about self publishing – such as, it costs thousands. It doesn’t. Self publishing is free.

Another misconception: you need to market your books yourself, if you’re a self publisher. If you’re traditionally published, your publisher does it for you. That’s a myth. Whichever form of publishing you choose, YOU DO IT, no one else.

So, you’ve written, and you’ve published. Now it’s time to promote.

“Create and promote” is one of my favorite mantras which I share with writers constantly. Promotion is simple if you’re a self publisher – two words: publish more. The larger your publishing catalog on Amazon, the more Amazon will help you by promoting your books for you in its “Recently Published” and “Also Bought” categories.

Create a Publishing Schedule.

Create a publishing schedule. Decide what you’ll publish, and when. You may not keep strictly to your schedule, because life gets in the way. However, having a schedule will help you to treat writing fiction as a business, rather than as a hobby.

Watch what other self publishing writers do. Currently there’s a mania for bundles on Amazon, because bundles sell. If you’re just starting your business, you won’t have the material for a bundle. Consider writing four short stories, selling them individually, and then compile them into a bundle. You’ve now got five ebooks in your publishing catalog.

Everything you publish promotes everything else. If you want to do additional promotions, you can. Create a blog and a Facebook page, so that you can add your readers to a mailing list. There are endless things you could do to promote your fiction. Things will fall into place for you when you start thinking of yourself as a publisher.

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