Mind Mapping: 5 Ways To Achieve More With MindMeister

Mind Mapping: 5 Ways to Achieve More With MindMeister

I love mind mapping, and use maps for everything, from business plans to developing books. Over time, I’ve used many apps, because I’ve never found the perfect application. So, when I friend recommended MindMeister, my reaction was: gimme! Who knows? Perfection may be within reach…

Not so. I’ll still use Inspiration, and TheBrain (and a couple of other apps.) However, MindMeister will be joining my arsenal of creative tools, for two reasons: the primary reason is that I like it. Nudging a close second, collaboration: MindMeister is ideal for collaboration, because you can work with others simultaneously on the same map.

If you’re into mind mapping too, check out MindMeister. Here are five ways you can achieve more with it.

1. Collaborate on Projects in Brainstorming Mode.

You can collaborate with others, simultaneously on the same map. You’ll see who’s editing a mind map with you in the footer. You can also chat with your team as you brainstorm and edit. To see who’s made changes and additions; just turn on the History View. All your chats are saved.

I coach writers, so this collaboration feature is wonderful, if I’m mentoring an author with a book, for example.

2. Use MindMeister’s Presentation Mode in Meetings.

MindMeister’s ideal for presentations. Prepare your map, and when you’re ready to go, start the presentation by clicking the presentation icon at the bottom left of the screen. To share your presentation when you’re done, click the share icon, and export in your choice of formats, including PDF and FreeMind.

3. Track Anything. (I’m Tracking My Blogs and Product Updates. )

Much as I love blogging, once you’ve lots of blog posts – I’ve got over 2,000 posts on a couple of my blogs – you tend to lose track of exactly what you were trying to achieve during a particular month, or with a series of posts.

Spreadsheets let you track on a granular level. With mind maps on the other hand, you can get an instant visual overview. Additionally, MindMeister lets you link to topics in other mind maps, so if a particular topic gets too unwieldy, you can start a new mind map for it.

I’m also tracking product updates. I’ve got dozens of ebooks and classes to manage and MindMeiser lets me see what I need to add, and when. History View lets you see the entire history of a mind map, and you can assign and edit tasks easily.

4. You’re Free – Go Mobile: Work and Plan Anywhere.

MindMeister’s mobile apps are clever. Once you’ve installed it on your device, you can work on any of your maps, anywhere you happen to be.

5. Remember Stuff: Take Notes From Meetings, and Books.

Who said what at a meeting? What brilliant questions were asked? Just add notes to a mind map in MindMeister. You’ll easily find this material later, because MindMeister’s search features are fast; you can search an open map, or search all your maps from the dashboard.

These days, I do most of my reading on my iPad. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ll buy a Kindle version of a print book I own, simply because it’s easier to both take notes, and to FIND them again. (Sigh, I feel like a traitor to my favorite people, librarians.) Amazon saves every note, and every highlight from every book on your Kindle page. Each of your books has its own page, so you can add the URL to a mind map to view all your highlights and notes for a book.

So there you have it: five ways to achieve more with MindMeiser – you can create up to three mind maps for free. You’ll enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

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Author: Angela Booth

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