Content Creation Ideas: 3 Fast and Easy Resources

Content Creation Ideas: 3 Fast and Easy Resources

Looking for content creation ideas? Coming up with fresh ideas for new content can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel. You’re running and running, but staying in the same place.

I know the feeling. Not only do I create content for clients, I also create content for my blogs.

Let’s look at my current favorite content resources. They inspire me, and they may inspire you.

Upworthy: clever headlines count.

You’re busy creating content. Who has time for headlines? You, that’s who, otherwise your content won’t be read. I visit Upworthy solely for the headlines.

How about this one:

Here Are Just 3 Of The Smaller Lies SeaWorld Makes Its Employees Tell Its Guests

Or this one:

2 People Described The Same Person To A Forensic Artist And This Is What Happened

Great stuff. When I read headlines like that, they inspire me to lift my game. No matter how dull the topic, a great headline gets attention.

Keep in mind that your headline can be separate from your page title, which is developed for search engine optimization (SEO.)

Heidi Cohen always does a great job developing SEO-worthy page titles, and headlines.

Totally Delicious: discover great content ideas you can use today.

I used to be a Delicious fan and used it for years as a bookmarking website. Then Yahoo bought it, and it died.

Delicious is back. Explore the Discover option. Delicious finds links based on your interests. In Discover, click the Manage Your Subscription link, and add a keyword. You can add as many as you like. Then click the Subscribe button. You’ll now get links for that keyword in your feed.

You’re sure to find some content ideas within a minute or two.

Google News: news from everywhere, about everything.

I’m a news junkie, so I check Google News at least once a day, sometimes more often.

Just enter a keyword into the search query box, and you’ll get the latest news which mentions that keyword. You’ll notice that when you enter a keyword, Suggest gives you the option of searching News, or the Web.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see:

Stay up to date on these results:

Create an email alert for content creation

If you wish, you can create an Alert for the keyword you entered. If you create an Alert, you’ll get fresh content ideas delivered to your email Inbox each day.

So there you have it. Three resources for content creation ideas. I’m sure you’ll find these resources as inspiring as I do. Happy hunting… :-)

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