Wish You Could Use Haiku Deck for Presentations? You Can


If you’ve been wishing you could use the glitzy iPad presentation app, Haiku Deck, but don’t have an iPad, you’ll be pleased that Haiku Deck is now available on the Web.

You can create Haiku Deck presentations in your Web browser, on any computer. I’ve just tried out the Web app, and it’s excellent. But…

Oddly enough, I prefer Haiku Deck on the iPad. I think it’s because I’m more used to it (and I prefer lounging on the sofa to sitting at my desk):

How I create presentations fast

With Haiku Deck, anyone can create a fantastic presentation in less than an hour.

I use sticky notes stuck onto an Oasis pad to create the presentation outline. One sticky per slide.

Then, sitting on my sofa, with the outline on a coffee table, I relax and create the presentation on my iPad. Best job ever. :-)

Sign up (or log in), and create your first presentation.

In the spirit of cookery shows, here’s a slide deck I created just for you, to show you how easy it is to use Haiku Deck’s new Web app.

This deck took me around ten minutes to create; I was dithering around with images, otherwise I would have finished more quickly.

Once you’ve signed up, or have logged in, you can go to your gallery. Make sure that you sign in with your Haiku Deck ID, if you’ve been creating decks on your iPad, so that your decks are available in your gallery.

Haiku Deck

From your gallery, you can share your decks, or create a new deck, as you can see in the image above.

Prototype your ideas, then export to PowerPoint.

Of course, Haiku Deck doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’ll find in PowerPoint. That’s OK. You can export your decks to PowerPoint, as you can see from the Export to PowerPoint option in the image below.

Haiku Deck export

Next, just open your deck in PowerPoint.



The deck in PowerPoint

Your slide deck opens, ready for you to get on with your work.

Haiku Deck’s perfect for prototyping presentations, or for noodling with ideas. Just create a slide deck in Haiku Deck, either on your iPad, or on the Web, and explore your ideas. When you’re ready, export your desk to PowerPoint, without publishing it. You can now delete the “starter” deck, because it has served its purpose.

If you haven’t tried Haiku Deck, try it out. It’s a perfect tool if you need to create a presentation FAST. By the way, if you’re a Slideshare user, you can export your decks directly to Slideshare if you wish.


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