Twitter Without Tears: 2 Great Tools to Help you to Win Friends and Influence People

Twitter Management Tools

Love Twitter? Me too. However, keeping track of people on Twitter is a headache. I’ve tried spreadsheets, to do lists, and reminders, as well as Twitter apps; all require far too much time and upkeep.

My favorite Twitter tools are Buffer and HootSuite, but they don’t help you to manage connections and interactions.

Once I decided that there had to be a better way, I explored several tools which help you to learn more about your Twitter community, and connect with people.

Here are two of my favorites. Good news: although both of these tools have premium upgrades, the freebie versions offer you huge benefits. No more spreadsheets, or to do lists. :-)

twtrland: people and insights at a glance

twtrland Twitter tool

twtrland is referred to as a “social intelligence” tool, but that’s a little cold. Essentially it helps you to understand your Twitter community. You’ll discover a mass of information, which could be overwhelming, but isn’t because twtrland’s interface is excellent.

The Profile Updates page gives you a quick analysis of your Twitter account’s activity over the past week. You can see recent followers and replies at a glance, and can learn more about any follower as soon as you click on his icon.

You’ll also see your top content over the past seven days: which posts received the most retweets.

Next, your Audience Analysis page helps with your positioning. Again, you get the picture of your Twitter account at a glance: celebrities (! – no celebrities for me, so sad) power users, casual users, and novice users.

You’ll see your follower breakdowns by country, as well as by interest, which is invaluable.

Your Followers page is perhaps the most powerful, because you can filter your followers in many different ways. I’ll bet that you’re as surprised as I was at the number of opportunities to connect with people which emerge.

Want to connect with someone? Just click, and send a tweet.

Next, there’s your Conversations page: see everyone you’re talking to.

Finally, there’s the Find Influencers page, which again is invaluable with helping you to connect on Twitter.

Give twtrland a try. You’ll be amazed at what you learn. And you’ll be thrilled at how easy twtrland makes engagement on Twitter. helps you to build Twitter community, as the name suggests Twitter tool is another brilliant Twitter engagement tool. Your Dashboard shows: Relationships, Followers, Groups, and also allows you to Monitor Engagement and Discover New Leads.

You’ll love if you’ve been feeling guilty because you’re too pressed for time respond to everyone who contacts you on Twitter. shows you people to whom you owe replies, and you can respond instantly. Buffer user? You can Buffer your responses and thanks.

As its name suggests, helps you to build a real community on Twitter, without it taking over your life.

I love both these tools, because they help you to understand and build your Twitter community – without pain. Try them. They’re immensely valuable social media marketing tools (even in the free versions), and they’re fun too.


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Author: Angela Booth

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