Productivity Secret: Get Inspired, Regularly

Productivity Secret: Get Inspired, Regularly

If you’re feeling desperate because you’re procrastinating, and would love a “magic” productivity secret, read on. You’ll love this.

For true productivity, you need a state of flow. In flow, you’re totally engrossed in what you’re doing. You’re unaware of time, and your environment. You work smoothly and efficiently, without stress and pressure. Sadly, most of us can’t switch on a flow state at will.

Although you can’t turn on flow anytime you feel like it, you can do something even better. You can turn the task over to your subconscious mind. When you return to the project, you’ll often find yourself working in flow, because your subconscious mind is in charge.

Let your subconscious mind deal with it

As I said in Enhance Productivity and Stop Over-Thinking:

When you get stuck on a project or task, allow your subconscious mind to help.

Albert Einstein said that: “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Let your subconscious mind do the work if you’re stuck. A flash of insight for a solution which allows you to move forward will dawn on you. I get my best inspirations when I’m walking my dog; some people get them in the bath or shower.

Do a little spadework first

You can’t twitch your nose like Samantha in Bewitched, and magic your task completed.

Your subconscious mind is magical

You can however kickstart your subconscious to get it working on the project, so that you’re mentally prepared, and will work on the project in flow, when it’s time to get it done.

You kickstart your subconscious processing by doing some preparatory work now.

For example, let’s say you need to create a presentation for a client. Write out a description of the project (don’t omit this, you’re telling your subconscious what you want it to do). Then create graphics for the project, or get started on an outline. Spend 20 minutes on any kind of prep for the project, and you’ve done the spadework.

Your subconscious mind is now in charge, and working on the project while you carry on with your life. (Yes, you’ve got your very own cobbler’s elves working for you. :-))

Alternatively, do a little sleep thinking. Think about the project tonight, as you’re falling asleep. Imagine yourself completing the project quickly, and efficiently. This is another way of alerting your subconscious about the importance of this project.

Your subconscious mind is your own personal supercomputer. Put it to work. It’s a wonderful productivity secret. You’ll find yourself developing your own shortcuts to working with your subconscious. You’ll become inspired, more or less at will.

We spend a lot of time working with your subconscious mind in the 3O Days to Writing Success coaching program. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently your subconscious will work for you.

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Author: Angela Booth

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