Blogging Without Fear: 5 Easy Forms of Content You Can Create FAST

5 Easy Forms of Content You Can Create FAST

Scared of blogging? If blogging terrifies you because you have no idea how you’ll feed the content beast, relax. It’s easier than you think. All you need is a little inspiration, and a dash of creativity.

Let’s look at five easy forms of content you can create fast, and without breaking a sweat.

1. Gimme a tip: everyone loves tip posts, so share your tips with abandon.

This is a tip post. I create them because I’m a sucker for ALL tip posts, especially if I know an area well. Curiosity drives clicks – readers want to find that single GEM amongst your tips which will help them.

2. Tips and more tips: expand on your tip posts with additional tips.

Written one tip post?

Write another one. I could write another tip post to follow this one: Another 5 Easy Forms of Content You Can Create FAST. And I could write another one after that. Tip posts are fast to create. You know what the post’s structure is; just write your tips.

Here’s the benefit of writing tips in an area: you can collect all your tips into a HUGE “everything you want to know about Topic X” tip post. An example: 101 Easy Forms of Content You Can Create FAST.

Then, I could publish the “everything” tips as an ebook. Or chop them up and create videos from them.

The tips magic needn’t stop there. You can break out each one of your tips in any post into:

  • A new blog post, expanding on just one tip – if your original post contained five tips, you could break out the post into five articles. Or more.
  • Social media snippets. You can get lots more value of each tip, sharing more insights on each tip on social media.

Think of each tip post you create as a fruit tree. You can pick lots of fruit from the trees in the orchard of your blog.

3. Keep it short, sweetie: just the facts and the takeaway.

Some of my most popular posts on my blogs are asides – 25 to 50 words on something I wanted to share quickly. These posts are wonderful, because they’re FAST.

Here’s the key to short posts: value. You need to be clear – explain what you’re sharing and why it’s important. Your short post also needs a takeaway: something the reader can try out and use right now. Alternatively, your post needs to be entertaining. If you can do both: provide information and entertainment in an aside, you’re golden.

4. Go BIG with images: a picture gets the feeling across, and helps readers remember you and your post.

Have you discovered Pinterest? Pinterest is a wonderful marketing tool, and it teaches a great lesson: ATTENTION is what counts. Images get attention, so use big, bold images to add emotion and another layer of meaning to your blog posts.

You can share your image posts on Pinterest, and Google+. Great images will spice up your content.

5. Create link posts. They’re fast to create AND they bring traffic.

As popular as asides are; link posts are just as popular. (That’s annoying sometimes. You slave over content, and then a short and simple LINK POST gets more attention. ;-))

You can post a single link with a short comment, or a collection of links.

Bonus tip (for longterm bloggers): Polish up the past. Scour your archives for great material you can update.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve got lots of wonderful content. Sadly, it’s buried. Bring it back to life. Create “one year later” or “this time last year” posts to bring attention to your hidden gems. (Add a glitzy image for even more attention…)

I shared these five content-creation strategies with some of my blogging students. The general reaction was: “I can do that!” So, if these tips work for new bloggers, they’ll work for you too. :-)
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Author: Angela Booth

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