3 Best Blogging Solutions Ever for Frazzled Bloggers

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No time to blog? I feel your pain. You know that your blog is a prime  marketing tool, but blogging takes too much time. You’re too busy to bother. Your blog’s neglected, and guilt weighs you down.

Relax. You can have all the benefits of blogging, without the hassles.

If you’ve got five minutes you can blog. Blogging’s much easier than it used to be. These days, you blog by: writing your blog posts as simple notes in Evernote, or by creating a paragraph or two right in your browser, or even by sending a quick email message.

I blog for a stable of clients. And I often do it on my iPad or phone when I’m out of the office. You’ll love these three solutions I’ve discovered. They’re perfect when you’re frazzled. (Or even if you’re not. :-))

1. Postach.io: super-fast blogging in Evernote – just write a note

If you use Evernote, you’ll love Postach.io. You can blog right within Evernote: it’s easy. Just tag an Evernote note as “published”, and you’re done – the note is instantly published to your Postach.io blog.

You can create notes on just about any device with Evernote, so you can blog anywhere. Last week, I wrote three blog posts while waiting in a queue at the bank.

I’ve been using Evernote since 2009, and with each month that passes, my stash of notes becomes more valuable to me. I flick through some notes, come up with an idea, and blog the idea, right in Evernote.

Recently, Postach.io won the Evernote Devcup 2013 Gold Award:

The Canadian team of Shawn Adrian and Gavin Vickery was working on documentation for a product they had built, Quote Robot, when, Adrian says, they became frustrated with the existing tools for publishing.

So they decided to write their own.

Since they were doing their documentation in Evernote, as so many people do, they thought the best thing they could have was a tool that took that writing and quickly and easily published it, with zero intermediate steps between Evernote and the Web.

Postach.io is huge fun to use, and FAST.

2. Try Barley if WordPress is frustrating  – you can blog in your Web browser

I adore WordPress. I’ve been using it since 2004, when a WordPress blog was far from easy for non-techy people, and it’s worth it.

BUT… sometimes WordPress can be frustrating.

Recently, I’ve encouraged clients who’re frazzled by blogging to investigate Barley, because the kind Barley people will import your WordPress content into Barley for you.

Barley creates beautiful websites and blogs, right in your Web browser. It has a mile of keyboard shortcuts, so you can blog as quickly as you can think. Clients love it, because just as with Postach.io, Barley lets them blog anytime, anywhere.

3. Typepad: speedy and reliable – blog via email

One of my oldest blogs is on Typepad. I bless it when other blogs are giving me trouble, because Typepad handles EVERYTHING. I just focus on the content.

The defunct blogging service Posterous had a simple system of blogging via email. Write a blog post in your email client, hit Send, and your post was published. With categories, and tags. Typepad does the same thing: write an email message, and you’ve blogged.

After nine years of Typepad blogging, I can confidently say that if you’re a frazzled blogger, Typepad will un-frazzle you.

In conclusion, if you’re a frazzled blogger, try one of these blogging services – you can blog, even if you’re convinced that you don’t have time.
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Author: Angela Booth

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