New in Evernote: Tables of Contents, Automatically

Evernote Community in Google+
The Evernote Community in Google+

I’m a huge Evernote fan.

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Basically, most of what I do with clients and students lives in Evernote. This means that not only can I collaborate with others, I can work anywhere, anytime.

The challenge with Evernote, as with any freeform database, is finding your stuff. With thousands of notes, finding exactly what you want instantly can be a challenge.

Evernote makes it easy. You can:

  • Save your searches
  • Drag notebooks and notes to the Shortcuts sidebar
  • Link notes to each other…

And more.

You can also create your own tables of contents, to access notebooks and notes quickly. A table of contents might include the projects you’re working on this week, a list of reference material, or several checklists.

Create your own Tables of Contents

You can create links to notes very easily. These note links (right-click on a note, and choose Copy Note Link to create one) work not only within Evernote, but also outside Evernote. I copy note links to Trello cards, for example, as well as to items in The Brain.

To create a table of contents for anything, you just the copy note links you want to a new note, and it’s done.

While it’s easy, and essential when you have lots of notes, it also takes time.

With the latest version of Evernote however, it takes no time at all – Evernote will create tables of contents for you automatically.

Select and click – automatic tables of contents

My thanks to Jason Frasca for the tip. As Jason points out, you just need to select the notes you want, and click Create Table of Contents Note.

Create a Table of Contents note
Create a Table of Contents note

As you can see in the image above, it couldn’t be easier.

Give your table of contents note a relevant name, and drag it to the shortcuts bar, or click the Reminder icon so you can access it easily.

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