Pumpkin Spice Marketing: Create Seasonal Promotions

‘Tis the season to promote…

The holiday sales season is almost upon us. Christmas. New Year, Valentine’s Day and Easter are huge sales seasons. However, you can create your own seasonal promotions.

Forbes reports on How Starbucks Turned Pumpkin Spice Into A Marketing Bonanza:

If you just do the math, that means Starbucks has sold an average 20 million beverages a year whose flavoring once belonged primarily in a seasonal pie, another accomplishment for the company run by billionaire Howard Schultz.

You can not be in the flavored coffee business, but you can create seasonal promotions which work for you.

Create a seasonal product

A pumpkin spice coffee at Starbucks makes sense for them. Creating your own seasonal product takes a little thought and brainstorming. In Australia, you know that spring’s on the way when the wattles bloom, so wattleseed-flavored goodies as a seasonal product for spring is a no-brainer if you’re in the food industry.

What seasonal product or service could you create?

Let’s look at an obvious one, which works for any business.

Birthday promotion: the day your business launched

The anniversary of the day your business opened is special. It deserves its own celebration.

Think about how you might make the most of this momentous day. Get your suppliers to join in. If you’re in retail, you can get your neighboring stores to join your promotions.

Should your business’s anniversary fall during the Christmas sales season, move it. The Queen’s birthday is in April, but the Queen’s Birthday holiday in Australia is in mid-June. You can hold your holiday celebration any time.

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