Get More Done: Use Your Brain’s Brilliant Operating System


Want to get more done? Here’s a simple method which works. Use your brain’s brilliant operating system. You’re using that operating system constantly, but unfortunately, we use it to block ourselves, rather than using it to get more stuff done.

Your imagination is your brain’s operating system. You use it by visualizing.

Visualization is a habit:


I used to find it hard to fall asleep until I began visualizing how I wanted the next day to go. Instead of my mind wandering from topic to topic, focusing on what “might” go wrong, I started focusing on what “would” go right.

It’s impossible NOT to visualize. It’s the way your brain works. If you imagine you’ll get more done, you will.

See yourself completing your next task

Let’s say you need to create a presentation. You’ve been putting it off. But you’ll be meeting with a client later today, and you have an hour to get it done. Procrastination’s no longer an option.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you’ve completed the presentation. You’re in the meeting. You’re confident as you go through the material for the client. Not only are you confident, but the client’s smiling, totally engaged. Now the presentation’s over. The client signs on the bottom line.

Open your eyes. You’re eager to get started on the presentation. You’re amazed at how quickly everything comes together. The meeting goes almost exactly as you envisioned that it would.

We’re all visualizing every day, whether we realize it or not

When you think, you’re visualizing. If someone says to you: “don’t think about it…” You imagine it, whatever it is. You can’t help it. That’s the way we’re made.

Unfortunately, when we visualize the stuff we need to get done, we usually stab ourselves in the back. You visualize yourself NOT completing the presentation. Or mangling it. You see the client unimpressed. Not only don’t you get the deal, you see your boss telling you that they’re letting you go… You’re jobless. Your partner hates you…


A lot of nonsense is talked about “visualization”. It’s developed a “woo woo” reputation. That’s silly. There’s nothing magical about it, it’s what we do naturally.

Use your brain’s operating system the way it’s meant to be used. See yourself getting things done – brilliantly.

We don’t all visualize/ imagine in the same way


Imagine a big beautiful bunch of grapes. They’re seedless grapes, just picked and are still warm from the sun on the vines. They’re dark purple; the bunch is big and heavy. You pluck a grape from the bunch, and put it in your mouth.
How did you visualize? I saw the grapes. They were on a large white platter, next to several slices of cheese.

You may visualize in a different way; you may not form clear mental images. Perhaps you get a feeling; a sense of the grapes. That’s fine — you can imagine the grapes in any way which works for you. We all visualize; whichever way you usually do it is fine.

What’s your next task? Imagine yourself getting it done

Check your task list. What’s the next task? Close your eyes for a moment, and yourself doing it, then see it done.

Use your imagination. It’s your brain’s operating system.

Einstein on imagination

Einstein said:

Imagination is power

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.


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