Twitter Stats From Buffer You Must Read to Turbocharge Your Tweets


We’ve talked about Twitter tools and Buffer. Buffer’s one of my favorite social media tools because it’s so fast and simple. If you’re not using it, WHY NOT? The basic service is free, so it costs you nothing to try it.

In addition to providing an amazing service, Buffer has a truly useful blog.

They’ve just published a new post, 10 Powerful New Twitter Stats to Help You Reach More Followers – The Buffer Blog, which will open your eyes. Who knew this, for example:

“Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without

Just like on Facebook, photos are more engaging for Twitter users.

Did you know you can Buffer images right from the web? Our chrome extension lets you right-click on an image and put it straight into your Buffer account as an image post:”

I use Chrome, but didn’t know about the extension, so I’m downloading it now, AND I’m making images a priority. (We’ve talked about image marketing. It was the big news at the end of 2012, and it’s powerful in 2013. Start investing in images, and get a Pinterest account.

Stats you can use to power up your tweets

Tips from Buffer’s article:

* Twitter engagement is higher on weekends.

This makes perfect sense. We all have more free time on weekends, so spend more people are spending time on Twitter.

* Write short tweets — under 100 characters.

Tweet short.

* Use hashtags. If you’re doing a marketing push, make up your own hashtag for your campaign. Get your Twitter pals to use it.

* Be fun — people are on Twitter during their commute. Give them something to brighten their day.

* Ask for retweets. Be careful with this one, obviously.

Use Buffer’s stats to power up your tweets. Now I’m off to source more images… :-)

Author: Angela Booth

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