Content Tip: Fast and Easy Snippets Get Traffic

iPad mini
Everything’s getting smaller now — first the iPad, and then the iPad mini, for example.

But what about your content? Maybe your content is “TLDNF” (Too Long, Didn’t Finish.) Your audience snacks on content. Long content is a commitment, and we’re all becoming commitment-phobic.

In Rethinking Content: Is Your Content “Snackable”? I said:

“Do you snack on content? I know I do. To catch up with the news, I used to read news websites. These days, I use Flipboard on my iPad to ‘snack’ on the news of the day. Of course I read longer pieces too, from websites like the New Yorker. I spend more time snacking on, and reading content on the iPad than I do on my production machine, some days.”

Consider creating content snippets

Consider creating content snippets. We discussed easy ways to create quote images. Quote images are fast and easy to create.

You can also use the content you’ve already created. Let’s say you’ve created a “top ten tips” article for your blog.

Why not post some of that content as snippets? Chop up the content, and you’ve got ten snippets from one article. You can post these, with an image, to Google+ or to Twitter, with a link to your website, or a webpage.

I love the latest version of WordPress, because it comes with the Twenty Thirteen theme, which has a variety of post formats. It’s now easy to post snippets as links, quotes, and asides, to your WordPress blog. (I’m currently using the basic Twenty Thirteen theme on this blog.)

The Tumblr service is popular BECAUSE of the short and sweet content options it provides.

I talked about Tumblr here:

Post Short, Eye-Catching Content

Got interesting photos? Post them. Users react to, and will reblog, humorous material. Rather than posting a photo of your CEO behind his desk therefore, post a photo of your CEO throwing a frisbee for his dog.

Pull a good quote from an article on your primary blog, and post that. (The service has a bookmarklet which makes it easy to post material in seconds.)

Remember to add tags (keywords) to your content.

What content snippets could you create? Track your traffic. You might find that a mix of longer content and snippets saves you time, and gets you more traffic.

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Author: Angela Booth

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