Oh Frabjous Day: Evernote Reminders

Oh frabjous day… It’s goodbye, finally, to all the kludges and work-arounds I’ve created to add tasks and reminders to Evernote.

My primary kludge was to grab the note link from Evernote, then add it to a task in OmniFocus. Yes, it worked. Except for the times it didn’t — I’d add the task in OmniFocus, then wait for Evernote to sync so I could grab the note link. Then of course I’d get caught up in something and would forget to add the note’s link to OmniFocus. Farewell to all that.

Evernote now has reminders. (Happy dance.)

Read this post, if you’ve been waiting for reminders too, Evernote Blog | Evernote Reminders Are Here on Mac, iOS and Web:

“Reminders are incredibly easy to use. You can add a Reminder to a note by simply tapping on the alarm clock icon located at the top of the note on Mac and Web, and at the bottom of the note on iPhone and iPad. If you like, set a date and time for when this note must be completed.”

Here’s the video.

Just one small request… Please may we have a Dashboard?

There’s one other thing I’m hoping Evernote will add: a Dashboard. Ideally, notes with certain user-created criteria would be added to the Dashboard, so they’d be easy to find.

Currently I create notes with note links, and drag them into the sidebar to build my own Dashboard. It’s kludgey, and I have to do the searches, and update the notes, myself.

Fingers crossed that Evernote is thinking along these lines.

Author: Angela Booth

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