Want More Traffic? Give Flipboard a Try, It’s Free


I’ve spoken a lot about Flipboard’s new Magazines, mainly because I’ve been creating a Flipboard guide for marketers.

I was excited when the new feature was announced, Flipboard 2.0 WOW: Create Your Own Magazines:

You can create your own ‘magazines’ on the all-new Flipboard

Flipboard’s coming out with version 2, and judging by the video below, it’s nothing short of amazing. You can compile everything you want to read, or just assemble, into glitzy collections, called Magazines.”

Magazines have certainly lived up to my expectations, as over-heated as they were.

Want to use Flipboard for marketing, and not sure how? Here you go. You’ll find them as exciting as I do. Enjoy. :-)

Author: Angela Booth

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