Content Curation: Add to Flipboard from Your Browser

Add to Flipboard

I’ve had some questions this week about content curation with Flipboard’s new Magazines.

(If you haven’t yet downloaded Flipboard to your iOS or Android device, you can get it here.)

“Can I share from my browser?” was the most popular question. Yes, you can. Just drag the bookmarklet here to your browser’s bookmarks bar.

In the image above, I’ve just clicked the “Flip It” link on my bookmarks bar, and the Add dialogue has opened. You can add the content to one of your magazines — change the selection if you want to add it to a different magazine from your last choice — then click the blue Add button.

You can also share the content you’ve selected to a social media site; just click one of the sharing icons on the bottom of the dialogue box.

On your device, as you use Flipboard, just tap the Plus (+) button, to add the content to a magazine you’re curating.

Have fun… :-)

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Author: Angela Booth

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