Business Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week 2: How Many Posts?

Business Blogging in 60 Minutes

We started our new series, Business Blogging in 60 Minutes a Week yesterday, and said:

“Can you afford to spend 60 minutes a week on blogging? Although a mere 60 minutes over the course of a week may not sound like much, if you can spare that time, you can develop a blog which will help you to meet your business’s goals.”

If you’ve committed to 60 minutes of blogging a week, your next step is to decide on content for your new business blog. That is, how many posts will you create, and how often will you post them to your blog?

Usually when I mention blog posts to a client, he thinks in terms of articles. That’s fine. However, if you’ve only got 60 minutes a week, you don’t need to spend that time writing just one article — or half an article, if you’re a slow writer.

You can do better than that. ;-)

On my freelance writing blog, I talked about “5 minute a day blogging”, referring to Tumblr:

If you’re familiar with Tumblr, you know that you have a choice of seven blog post formats: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video…

These formats mean that you have the option to create long blog posts, or you can make them very short. For our purposes, most of your blog posts will be short. How long does it take to post a photo? Half a minute, perhaps?

The Tumblr platform is brilliant if you want an “instant” blog. Many businesses are using it successfully, because with Tumblr, you can just click a “Share Tumblr” button on your Web browser’s toolbar to create a new blog post.

Here’s a list of 60 brands which are using Tumblr, and Bergdorf Goodman’s Tumblr blog:

Bergdorf Goodman on Tumblr has taken a leaf out of Tumblr’s book so to speak, and also encourages you to create very short posts, as you can see in the image of’s “New Post” selection dialogue box below.

Post formats on WordPress

Choose blog post formats, and decide how many posts you’ll create each week

Think in terms of SHORT blog posts. As we’ve said, image marketing is now huge. When you focus on short blog posts, and images, this will not only make your blogging tasks easier, it will ensure that you don’t go over your allotted 60 minutes a week.

Each week, you could post:

* Two images (one post per image, then repost the images to Pinterest);

* One short 250 word article; and

* One quote.

Decide how many posts you’ll create each week, and the kinds of posts now. Tomorrow we’ll talk about outlining your posts, and collecting resources.

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Author: Angela Booth

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