Content Marketing: What Do You Publish?

Magazines - Content marketing is publishing
If you’re a content marketer, you’re a publisher…

There’s a lot of confusion around content marketing. “Isn’t it just blogging?” some of my clients ask. No; blogging isn’t content marketing.

This article explains the difference between inbound marketing (getting found) and content marketing, Successful Content Marketing Goals | Inbound Marketing. Here’s an excellent point about content marketing:

“Even more importantly, content marketing is channel-agnostic. That means that content marketers should be looking at ALL available channels to engage with customers… print, in-person, and online (including mobile). The outstanding Ritz Carlton magazine, placed in hotel rooms, does not have anything to do with being found; neither does the amazing LEGO Club magazine, which has been produced in print for over 30 years (I received the original Brick Kicks magazine back in the 80s). LEGO Club magazine is not inbound marketing.”

Content marketing is similar to custom publishing, which was hot in the days before the Web. Companies, as well as government bureaucracies and associations, produced custom publications. Some of these publications were glossies; at the other end of the market, there were simple booklets.

Over the years, I’ve worked on many custom publications, for businesses large and small. I tell them that “content marketing” is basically what they’re already doing with their publications, but on steroids. As the CMI article points out, “content marketing is channel-agnostic.”

You can do much more with your publications — and you can do it more effectively and cheaply — than you could twenty years ago. Your publications are a rich marketing tool, as well as a strategy.

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